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Are Dermal Fillers Or Implants Better for Facial Augmentation?

Beauty woman in a white shirt with long and shiny wavy hair The effects of aging vary greatly on how they change the appearance on individuals. Although there is a general decrease in the production of elastin and collagen in everybody that comes with age, how that changes the elasticity of skin and aesthetics of the face creates the need for specialized treatment.

Luckily, there is a wide variety of treatment options available that range from non-invasive and external procedures to full surgeries that can significantly change and enhance the appearance of the face. Along with how well the individual treatment reverses the targeted sign of aging, each has advantages and disadvantages.

In general, treatments that enhance or augment the shape and overall appearance of the face fall into two categories, dermal fillers, and implants. Each of these types of procedures can provide significant aesthetic improvements. Which works best depends on the issue you are trying to treat and your overall aesthetic goals.

Easier and more convenient of the two, treatments that use dermal fillers can be performed in the office setting and rarely take longer than an hour. With no recovery or downtime, they fit easily into your schedule with minimal disruption.

However, these results are temporary, and repeat treatments are needed to keep the same appearance. Despite this, dermal fillers offer the flexibility to allow the treatments to adapt as your face continues to age.

Although generally more invasive and complex procedures, dermal implants offer permanent results to enhance the appearance of your face. Although some recovery time may be needed after the treatment, depending on the specific procedure, this is relatively short compared to surgical procedures and comes with minimal risks.

Whatever your aesthetic goals may be, call Fante Eye and Face Centre in Denver, CO, at 303-839-1616 or visit www.drfante.com. Dr. Fante and his staff can work with you and help decide whether dermal fillers or implants are the right choice for you while fitting in with your schedule.

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How Lip Fillers Give You The Look You Want

Close up sexy lips in nude lipstick. A non-surgical procedure that can give you the fuller and more voluptuous lips you want, with almost no recovery needed lip fillers are a great solution. Using state-of-the-art injectable hyaluronic acids (HAs), Juvederm, and Restylane, the team of doctors at Fante Eye and Face Centre in Denver, CO, can smooth wrinkles around your mouth and, increase lip volume.

With either product, the HA, which is also naturally found in your body, binds with nearby water molecules to add volume and hydration to your lips. This creates a smooth and natural-looking enhancement to flat or thin lips.

Juvederm and Restylane can be used as lip enhancement to treat several potentially unflattering lip shapes, including thin or small lips, uneven lip shape, a flat cupid’s bow, etc. During your consultation, the doctor will work with you to create a plan based on your wishes. The improvement can be small or minor refinements or a more robust treatment plan to perfect your mouth shape.

Not only are these proven safe and effective, but they are also FDA-approved fillers for lip augmentation. Both fillers can also be incorporated into a more comprehensive facial treatment for a complete cosmetic plan, to give you the look you want. Since there is nearly no recovery period needed, you can enjoy the results almost immediately, with little inconvenience.

At Fante Eye and Face Centre, we know that not every patient is the same in their expectations and their recovery. Regardless of the procedure, the expert staff will combine state-of-the-art technology and years of experience to provide you with the best care possible while meeting your expectations.

The doctors at Fante Eye and Face Centre know that no two procedures are the same, even of the same type. Your doctor will use their artful eye to guide precise surgical operations to meet your specific aesthetic goals. You will receive warm and compassionate care from the entire team, as well as a board-certified doctor who understands the importance of creating results that are both elegant and natural-looking.

Call us at 303-839-1616, or visit www.drfante.com to schedule a consultation, today.

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What Can I Do about Dark Circles Under My Eyes?

There are a few complaints that we hear frequently from patients of our Denver office. One of them is dark circles under the eyes. This is right up there with undereye bags. Both issues can make the face look tired and generally unhealthy. Both problems are nearly impossible to hide. For this reason, people sometimes spend years looking for ways to feel more confident in their appearance. Here, we discuss why dark circles may develop and what we do to help our patients address this problem.

Why You Have Dark Circles

Dark circles may be related to the thickness of the skin. In most areas of the body, skin thickness is about 2 millimeters. The thickness of the skin around the eyes is only about half a millimeter. That’s a big difference! This is why the skin around the eyes is the first to show the signs of aging. It is also why this area is more prone to darkening. Because the skin is thinner around the eyes, the blood vessels beneath the surface may be more visible. They aren’t visible as tiny veins, though. They are visible as diffuse discoloration. We all have thinner skin around the eyes. However, according to studies, certain genetic factors make it more likely for some people to develop dark circles than others.

What to Do about Dark Undereye Circles

Seeing that dark circles are not caused by dehydration, lack of sleep, or other issues, but by blood vessels beneath the skin, we know there is no way to lighten the discoloration with creams or other topical solutions. In recent years, it has become very common to treat dark circles under the eyes with dermal fillers. The reason that dermal fillers can work for some people is that this treatment increases the volume of the skin. Where there is more volume, there is more of a buffer between the skin’s surface and the underlying blood vessels.

Dermal fillers used under the eyes increase volume with hyaluronic acid. This naturally-occurring substance binds to water molecules beneath the skin, creating a cushion effect. Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers have been used for many years to reduce dark circles, undereye bags, and a host of other cosmetic concerns. The treatment takes only a few minutes. There is no downtime, and results can last several months.

Don’t let dark circles get you down. Contact our Denver office at (303) 839-1616 to discuss your treatment options.

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It’s Shaping Up to be a Beautiful Year

Beauty is on the minds of millions of people at the moment. Every new year that we reach brings us into close contact with our intentions. We ask ourselves who we are, who we want to be, how we want to look and, ultimately, how we want to feel as we go through our day to day life. Beauty is very often a central point from which our sense of self emerges. If you’d like this year to shape up the way you envision, get the help you need in our Denver eye and face center. While we specialize in facial rejuvenation, our team also has training and experience in body contouring treatments.

Your Most Beautiful Face

The appearance of the face has a profound effect on overall confidence and satisfaction. Don’t let another week or month, let alone another year, go by without addressing your cosmetic concerns. As an esteemed oculoplastic and facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Fante has performed thousands of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. So whether your concerns relate to facial aging, a traumatic injury, or genetics, science, surgical skill, and artistry can combine to improve your appearance.

Bringing out the beauty of the face doesn’t have to mean surgery. Our staff is highly competent in the use of injectables to reduce the signs of wrinkles and facial deflation. Lasers are also a popular modality for resurfacing the epidermis for a radiant glow and affecting cellular behavior so the skin ages more slowly. Our experience with devices such as Halo, BBL, and SkinTyte is beneficial for patients who are ready for renewal from the inside out.

Your Most Beautiful Body

We may be an eye and face center, but we know how to harness the power of modern technology to help our patients also achieve their best body. Clinical research and our own experience with CoolSculpting have demonstrated the immense power of cold temperature to reduce fatty deposits in areas like the abdomen, thighs, arms, and chin. CoolSculpting needs no downtime and achieves outstanding contouring over a series of treatments. For those whose concern is related to tissue laxity rather than fat, SkinTyte may be ideal. In addition to rejuvenating the face, SkinTyte infrared light treatment improves tissue firmness on the tummy, the arms, and other areas. Minimal swelling may occur but most patients do not need downtime to recover.

The team at Fante Eye & Face Center can help you feel like your best self this year. Contact (303) 839-1616 to schedule your visit.

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Hyaluronic Acid is an Ingredient You Need. Here’s Why!

We may not recognize hyaluronic acid, or HA, by name. Instead, we know the familiar brands of dermal filler solutions that are used today. These are so popular that awareness of them may even overshadow the fact that the primary provider of hyaluronic acid is the body itself. This organic carbohydrate molecule is essential to functional joints, the eyes, and youthful, glowing skin.

The reason why hyaluronic acid is used to support various parts of the body is that one molecule of HA holds 1,000 times its weight in water. In the joints, this provides cushioning. In the eyes and on the skin, HA is essential to moisture. This is why, when a hyaluronic acid dermal filler is injected into the tissue beneath a line or crease, the skin becomes smooth and plump. As valuable as HA is for anti-aging using dermal fillers, there are also several benefits to having this ingredient in your skincare products.

Hyaluronic Acid Holds Moisture

If hyaluronic acid can be introduced beneath the surface to hold moisture, and it does so within the joints of the body, we can also expect for the tiny molecules to work magic when applied topically. Here’s the thing about HA molecules, they are too large to be absorbed into the skin. However, this isn’t a bad thing, because when the acid is applied to the epidermis after the skin has been hydrated with serum or with water when you wash your face, it holds that moisture in.

Hyaluronic Acid Preserves the Skin’s Protective Barrier

The skin has a natural protective barrier that contains a strong layer of lipids, or oils, to keep pollutants and free radicals out. Hyaluronic acid applied topically integrates with the lipids in the skin’s barrier to prevent dehydration and subsequent skin dryness. Keeping the protective barrier intact is particularly essential for individuals with chronic skin conditions like eczema.

Hyaluronic Acid Fights Acne

The fight against acne becomes that much easier when hyaluronic acid is an ingredient you demand for your skin. Acne flare-ups may be triggers by two things: dry skin and excessive oil production. The hydrating effect of hyaluronic acid improves natural moisture, which inhibits the overproduction of oil in the glands beneath the skin. Additionally, HA combats the dryness that may result from acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

The winter season is an excellent time to visit our Denver med-spa for help maintaining the moisture and overall health of your skin. Contact us to schedule your consultation and treatment at (303) 839-1616.

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Lip Fillers are an Easy Fix for the Signs of Aging

Throughout history, we can find substantial evidence of our love for full, luscious lips. For those who were not born with this trait, which many of us weren’t, there has historically been very little hope of changing things. The invention of dermal fillers has created a world of possibility, though. In our Denver office and across the country, according to statistics, one of the most common uses of dermal fillers is to enhance the lips. Here, we discuss what you have to gain by treating your lips to a refresher.

Benefits of Dermal Fillers for Lip Enhancement

We have plenty of evidence that dermal fillers can fill out the lips. In some of the most recognizable instances, the over-done appearance that is achieved with injectable enhancement is actually a detractor. You may have considered lip augmentation but have not moved forward because you can’t envision those overfilled Kylie Jenner lips on your face. This is not a concern that needs to stop you from feeling great about how you look.

One of the benefits of getting lip enhancement at Fante Eye & Face Center is that our goal is to achieve natural-looking results. In many cases, first-time lip injections are ultra-conservative. There is no need to attempt maximum fullness in the first visit; dermal fillers are buildable. By taking augmentation in stages, you give yourself time to acclimate to your new appearance and further accentuate your lips as you see fit.

How Do Dermal Fillers Work For Lips?

The filler products that are used for lip enhancement contain hyaluronic acid. The action of hyaluronic acid in the body is what creates the appearance of fullness. The substance draws in water molecules from the body, plumping tissue over time. Because the body produces hyaluronic acid and because this substance does nothing more than draw in water, there is no risk of severe adverse side effects. The body will accept the hyaluronic acid we inject and will metabolize it naturally.

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Lip augmentation is appropriate for adults of all ages. To learn more about dermal fillers for lip enhancement, call our Denver office at (303) 839-1616.

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Marionette Lines have Met Their Match

Lines anywhere on the face can be a frustrating problem. We often discuss how to treat frown lines with Botox or how a brow lift can reduce worry lines on the forehead, but we shouldn’t forget that the lower face is especially prone to deep creases over time. What we call laugh lines really aren’t anything to laugh about.

The lines that may form between the corners of the mouth and the chin, called Marionette lines, also create a challenge for self-confidence. Here, we want to point out how marionette lines can be managed with early and consistent care. Also, we offer a few suggestions on how to eliminate lines once they have formed.

Don’t have lines? That’s great! Do this:

  • Make sunscreen a daily habit. On days when the sun is shining and you plan to walk in the hills, wear sunscreen. On rainy days when you’ll be running errands or having lunch with friends, wear sunscreen. Hitting the slopes? Wear sunscreen. Lot’s of it. Sunscreen inhibits premature aging by protecting collagen.
  • Use good skincare. Good skincare isn’t just a fancy face wash. Good skincare serves your face up healthy doses of nourishing ingredients like peptides and gently exfoliating acids that fight free radicals and reduce sun damage.
  • Your skin needs hydration to sustain resilience that prevents premature wrinkling.
  • Don’t smoke. Studies have indicated that the chemicals in cigarettes deplete collagen and also stand in the way of future collagen production.
  • Treat your skin to professional help. Professional skin-smoothing treatments are beneficial for prevention. For example, occasional microneedling treatments boost collagen production so the signs of aging can be postponed.

Are lines a frustration right now? Do this:

We offer a few proven treatments for marionette lines. Some work immediately, and some provide dramatic results.

  • Dermal fillers are the go-to for men and women with mild to moderate facial aging concerns. Marionette lines can be filled with an appropriate hyaluronic acid product, which will draw water molecules into the tissue beneath the crease to bring skin up to the surface. Results are immediate and can last several months.
  • High-tech treatments like SkinTyte achieve impressive improvement in the appearance of facial and neck skin by deeply heating collagen with safe infrared energy. Many patients see improvement after just one treatment.
  • Facelift surgery has evolved into a fully customizable technique performed to manually lift tissues that have become lax. The repositioning of tissue can significantly improve lines around the nose, mouth, and chin. This procedure can also restore a beautiful curve to the jawline.

Watch: Dr. Fante Discusses Marionette Line Treatment with Dermal Fillers

Patient Testimonials:

  • “Dr. Fante is an extremely qualified doctor. He takes care of details and is a great communicator. He’s a top of the line surgeon and excellent at giving the face a natural youthful look with fillers and Botox. I’ve continued to see him over the years with no regrets. Getting older can be a challenge but Dr. Fante helps makes the aging process so much
    nicer.” – P.M.
  • “Dr. Fante is the best in his profession. He goes above and beyond to help make you comfortable. I have gone to him for 15 years for botox and filler. Most of my friends think I am 35 and I am 53!” – L.K.
  • “Dr. Fante and his entire staff are professional and friendly. I regularly see him for fillers and Botox. I have nothing but great things to say! – J.B.

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Learn more about your options for treating marionette lines and other cosmetic concerns. Contact us online or at our Denver office at (303) 839-1616.

Considering Lip Augmentation? Here’s What You want to Know!

Facial Fillers Boulder CO Lip augmentation has become an incredibly popular approach to facial enhancement. The addition of volume across the smile line increases a person’s attractiveness. A fuller mouth is perceived better. We observe people with full lips to be younger, more sensual, friendlier; it’s just natural instinct at work. If you want to enhance the appearance of your lips, there are a few things you should know.

  1. Lip augmentation does not have to involve cosmetic surgery. The large majority of lip enhancement procedures are performed using dermal fillers.
  2. Injectables are great for lip augmentation, and every injector may use a slightly different technique and product. The products that are usually used for lip augmentation are those with a lighter, smoother consistency. This is because they tend to be introduced to very superficial tissue.
  3. Dermal fillers are metabolized over time. The average duration of results from injectable lip augmentation is 4 to 6 months. However, that doesn’t mean you have to endure months of fullness if you don’t like how your lips look! .
  4. Some dermal fillers can be reversed. If you’re hesitant about lip augmentation, talk with your provider about hyaluronic acid fillers, such as Restylane or Volbella. These products can be dissolved with follow-up injections of a particular enzyme, hyaluronidase.
  5. Lips will not feel any different after they have been delicately plumped with dermal fillers.
  6. The immediate effects of treatment may appear dramatic. This is because injections naturally cause a bit of swelling. After a day or two, swelling subsides, and the true results from lip augmentation are revealed. Note schedule treatment several days before any special event!
  7. Pictures are great, but we want your lips to look good on your Lip augmentation is a fully customized procedure that is tailored to help your lips stand out in the best possible way. Overfilling to achieve a particular look based on a celebrity picture could mean dissatisfaction with the end-result.
  8. Worried about pain? Dermal fillers for lip augmentation are very smooth. They are administered with a tiny needle. If you want to do everything you can to make your treatment completely comfortable, consider applying ice to your lips just before treatment.

At Fante Eye & Face Centre, we value personal interaction to achieve optimal results. Call our Denver office at (303) 839-1616 to learn more about lip augmentation with dermal fillers.

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More than One Path to Striking Cheekbones

Facial Fillers Denver, CO Cheekbones are one of the telltale indicators of youth and beauty. Conjure up images of any woman that is known for her beauty and the chances that she’s got prominent, high cheekbones are very good. Men and women alike express concern when they start to notice that their cheeks have gone flat, or flatter than usual.

It is not difficult to add volume to the mid-face. Advances in aesthetic medicine have made it incredibly easy to resolve some cosmetic concerns, often without surgery. However, when it comes to the cheeks, it’s important to know that there are two paths that may be taken.

Fullness through Fillers

Soft tissue fillers have taken the world by storm. From the moment word started to spread about the use of fillers to smooth line and wrinkles, we have witnessed tremendous growth in the area of anti-aging. Over time, new filler products have been developed to achieve specific results. The Juvéderm® family of products has expanded exponentially as this company has developed ways to increase and decrease the viscosity of their fillers. Juvéderm® Voluma is now one of the most common treatments for restoring mid face volume. Another potential treatment for this objective is Sculptra. The two products differ in their base ingredient, and in the mechanism of action beneath the skin. We perform a thorough consultation to help our patients decide which filler is right for their needs, or if they may want something a little more permanent.

Cheek Implants

Facial implants have been used for many years, and are as beneficial to contouring as other, more well-known implants. Cheek implant surgery is much less invasive and complex than most people imagine. Biocompatible, malleable implants can be inserted during another procedure, such as lower blepharoplasty or facelift surgery, or they may be placed in a standalone operation.

There are two reasons why a person may choose cheek implants rather than fillers to add beautiful contours to the mid face. One is that more projection is desired than what is possible with dermal fillers. Cheek implants are customized to an individual bone structure to add fullness to the appropriate part of the cheek to the ideal degree. Another benefit achieved with cheek implants versus fillers is that the cheekbones are more visible for years rather than months. And, these structures can be removed at a later date if so desired.

Is the landscape of your face in need of the right “hills and valleys?” Let’s talk. Call Fante Eye & Face Centre in Denver.


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