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Oculofacial plastic surgery is a specialty devoted to restoring and enhancing the function and beauty of the eyes and face. For the reconstructive side of the specialty, Dr. Fante sees Denver patients referred by their doctors for a wide variety of problems. In addition, he often sees the doctors themselves when they have one of these issues. Common oculofacial plastic surgical reconstructive problems are usually covered by health insurance and include:

  • Skin cancer and other skin tumors and lesions
  • Droopy eyelids blocking vision in children and adults
  • Birth defects and syndromes affecting the eyelids, tear drainage system, and orbit (eye socket)
  • Facial paralysis, Bell’s Palsy, Synkinesis and Aberrant Regeneration of the Facial Nerve
  • Eyelid problems including eyelids that are in-turned(entropion), out-turned (ectropion), or damaged by previous surgery, aging, and trauma
  • Trauma involving fractures of the facial bones
  • Lacerations and foreign bodies in the eye area
  • Blocked and injured tear ducts causing frequent tearing
  • Deformities of the upper face
  • Blepharospasm, Hemifacial Spasm, and related conditions
  • Thyroid Eye Disease (Graves’ Disease)
  • Orbital (eye socket) tumors, cancer, and scarring
  • Loss of an eye and subsequent reconstruction to wear a prosthesis

Dr. Fante is a Fellow of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and also of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the two leading national organizations for his specialty. He has written many book chapters and published many original research papers in his field.

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Ectropion and Entropion

Ectropion denotes an eyelid that hangs away from the eye, while entropion describes an eyelid that is turned toward the eye so that the lashes constantly rub the surface.

Eyelid Scarring and Retraction

Damage to the eyelids can prevent them from working properly to protect and lubricate the eye. When scars or injuries pull the lower eyelid downward (or the upper eyelid upward), it is called eyelid retraction and interferes with blinking, which can cause eye irritation, pain, blurry vision, tearing, and permanent damage to the cornea.

Orbital Tumors

Orbital tumors can be primary, meaning they originate in the orbit. They can also be secondary, meaning that they invade the orbit from the adjacent paranasal sinuses or face. Or they can metastasize from cancer occurring elsewhere in the body, particularly the breast.

Orbital Fractures

Trauma to the face can often result in broken bones around the eye socket, also known as the orbit. While the cheekbone and forehead are both quite strong, many of the bones around the eye are delicate and fragile.

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Eyelid Trauma

Eyelid trauma may occur in many different ways. Common sources of trauma to the eyelid and surrounding structures include dog bites, auto accidents, sports injuries, falls, and physical altercations.

Orbital Cellulitis

Infections near the eye can occur just under the skin, or sometimes deeper in the tissues around the eye (or orbit). For children and adults, orbital infection is usually associated with sinus infections. When the infection occurs deep in the eye socket area, it can be dangerous, causing blindness and even death.

Facial Gender Affirming Surgery

Facial feminization and facial masculinization surgery (FFS and FMS, respectively), are types of gender affirmation procedures.

Thyroid Related Eye Problems

Autoimmune thyroid related disease can cause a wide range of symptoms and problems for the eyes, including bulging, redness, tearing, irritation, double vision, pain, pressure, and rarely, loss of vision.

Eyebrow Lift

A brow lift is a procedure that’s usually done on people about 40 to 60 years old, where the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the forehead is raised, smoothing out forehead wrinkles and raising the eyebrows. This gives us a more alert and youthful look.

Eyelid Ptosis

Ptosis is the medical term for a drooping upper eyelid. This problem affects approximately 5 percent of the population and can affect vision and appearance. The prevalence of this condition increases in the elderly.


Blepharospasm is a disease in which there is repeated and uncontrollable muscle contraction around the eyes and eyebrows. Blepharospasm does not occur during sleep and is often exacerbated by stress, dry eyes, and bright lights.


Blepharoplasty contours the fat and muscle, removing excess skin from the upper and lower eyelids. Other options include ptosis repair, and repair of malpositioned eyelids from previous surgery, trauma, or aging.

Lid Tumors

Eyelid tumors and lesions are very common. Most of these tumors and lesions are benign and involve the sweat glands, oil glands, eyelash follicles, and skin elements. They have unusual names, such as hidrocystoma or seborrheic keratosis, but are not dangerous at all.

Tearing Problem

Eyes that water too much are a very common concern for people of all ages. Excess tears normally occur in the wind, while chopping onions, and of course at a sad movie. But many people experience extra tearing much more frequently and without any obvious inciting cause

Loss of an Eye and Ocular Prosthetics

Traumatic accidents and treatment of ocular and orbital cancers, blind and painful eyes, and other diseases sometimes lead to the need for reconstruction of the orbit (eye socket) and removal of an eye with subsequent placement of an orbital implant.

Complex Post-traumatic Reconstruction & 3d Implants

Reconstruction is a critical aspect of post-trauma care for many children and adults. Complex trauma to the face and head poses extraordinary dilemmas, as numerous structures may have been affected in the initial injury.

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