January 2017

There is a Light at the End of the Tunnel

laser skin resurfacing denver co | Fante Eye and Face Centre When you look at yourself in the mirror, does the person you see reflect the person you feel inside? Many of the patients we consult with say they want to look younger because they feel young, and they act young – because they are young! We are living more productively and actively than our parents and grandparents did as they reached a certain age, so it seems only natural to want the outer appearance to demonstrate the energy we feel on the inside. One way we help our patients do this is with laser skin resurfacing.

Lasers and Lights and Luster, oh My!

There is no doubt that laser and light therapies are beneficial for various skin concerns. This method of dermatologic treatment can minimize the appearance of rosacea, brown spots, and wrinkles. Depending on the strength of laser light, it is even possible to significantly improve the texture of the skin that has been marked with acne scars.

Laser treatments, in particular, are important to aesthetic medicine because the concentrated stream of light that penetrates the uppermost layers of tissue can be adjusted for individual preferences. Many people assume that laser treatments are quite painful, but that is not the case. There are two ways that lasers can treat the skin: ablatively or non-ablatively.

Ablative laser treatment is more aggressive and achieves dramatic results more quickly. This is because the stream of light literally removes the top layer of skin cells in a controlled manner. Patients are kept comfortable with appropriate medication both during and after their procedure. The benefit of an ablative laser treatment is that the deeper cells, which produce collagen and elastin, are not only stimulated, they are reorganized to work more efficiently.

Non-ablative laser treatments are gentler and do not require that you take time off work to recover. On the flip side, multiple treatments are usually necessary to achieve the desired results using this less concentrated or fractionated stream of laser light. Over the course of multiple treatments, this method of skin rejuvenation will support healthy collagen production for a  younger appearance.

Our job is to help you determine the treatment or treatments that will bring out your inner, youthful self. To learn more about laser resurfacing or the other treatments available in our Denver office, call (303) 839-1616.

Planning Eyelid Surgery? Let’s Talk about Scarring!

Eyelid Surgery denver co | Fante Eye and Face Centre There are a number of reasons that a person may need to have some type of eyelid surgery. Patients of Fante Eye & Face Center in Denver may schedule cosmetic blepharoplasty, or may require surgery to repair ptosis or an eyelid trauma. Whatever the reason eyelid surgery is needed, patients typically want to know what to expect in terms of scarring.

The Case for Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty has quickly become one of the leading cosmetic procedures worldwide. While the use of injectables has also increased, there is little that can be done about sagging skin on the upper and lower eyelids outside of surgery. The need for blepharoplasty may stem from the physical complaints a person has, such as space in between the surface of the eye and the skin of the lower eyelid. Older patients with extreme laxity may suffer poor vision when skin on the upper eyelid droops over the surface of the eye. Functional blepharoplasty can resolve these issues and, in some cases, may be covered by insurance. Cosmetic blepharoplasty is an elective procedure that can give a person back the vibrant, youthful appearance they enjoyed ten years ago.

The Question of Scarring

Regardless of the reason for eyelid surgery, great care is taken to place incisions in the most discreet location. When possible, this may be inside the eyelid. When external incisions are necessary, they are typically placed in a natural crease. Still, patients like to know how they can decrease the risk that their eyelid will have permanent lines.

Fortunately, it is relatively easy to decrease the risk of post-surgical scarring. The first way is by covering the eyes. If you don’t already wear large or “wraparound” sunglasses, you may want to purchase a pair before your surgery. The less sunlight that reaches the skin around the eyes, the better. Exposure to UV rays can also be decreased by wearing a baseball cap or hat with a large brim..

Scar cream is another beneficial trick to help the skin heal fully after blepharoplasty or other type of eyelid surgery. Before your eyelid surgery, speak with us about your options for scar prevention.

Fante Eye & Face Center is happy to consult with you about your functional and aesthetic concerns. Speak with a friendly member of our staff at (303) 839-1616.


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