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What is eyelid ectropion and entropion?

Entropion and Ectropion denver | Fante Eye and Face CentreEctropion denotes an eyelid that hangs away from the eye, while entropion describes an eyelid that is turned toward the eye so that the lashes constantly rub the surface.

What are the causes of eyelid ectropion and entropion?

Eyelid ectropion and entropion can occur from aging, trauma, Bell’s palsy, previous surgery, and other diseases.

What are the symptoms of ectropion and entropion?

These are eyelid problems that cause redness and eye irritation, sometimes leading to corneal damage and loss of vision.

What can I expect during treatment?

Both conditions can be permanently repaired with outpatient surgery typically lasting less than one hour. Dr. Fante has performed thousands of these procedures and has co-authored the training manual for student surgeons.

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