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What Causes the Eyelids to Droop?

No two people are exactly alike. Every one of us has a unique facial structure and aging process. These sound like vague statements but, to the plastic surgeon, they are guiding principles. When a patient visits our Denver practice to correct droopy eyelids, we keep these principles at the forefront of our minds. Here, […]

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What Happens if an Eyelid is Damaged?

We expect our eyelids to go through very little change throughout our lifetime. At most, we may understand when we notice that the upper or lower eyelids get puffy or saggy. This is a normal transition that occurs with age. However, most people do not anticipate the potential for eyelid damage, such as injury […]

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Eyelid Turning Outward? Here’s What to Do!

We don’t often think about our eyelids other than to moisturize them and complain when they start to loosen and sag. The eyelids fill a crucial role in eye health, too. We just don’t think about that very often, if at all. This part of the eye is responsible for spreading the tear film […]

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Graves Disease Affects the Whole Face

Graves disease is a condition that is known to affect the appearance of the eyes. What many people miss is the fact that this condition has a more widespread impact on facial anatomy than may be expected. Patients are not expected to know the extent to which Graves disease may change their face. In […]

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    Confused by Those Watery Eyes? It Could Be Time to See a Doctor!

Confused by Those Watery Eyes? It Could Be Time to See a Doctor!

The eyes get watery sometimes, but the production of tears should not become a nuisance. The eyes typically make enough tears to keep the ocular surface moist, and they also have natural drainage tubes that clear old fluid out to make way for new tears. There are several reasons why tears may build up […]

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Cellulitis and Your Eyes

Cellulitis is a type of infection that usually affects the skin. This infection can occur anywhere on the body, including around the eyes. When cellulitis develops in the eye area, it is vital that an accurate diagnosis is obtained. Two types of cellulitis may appear to affect the eyelid: preseptal cellulitis and orbital cellulitis. […]

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Does That Shiner Need Some TLC?

Whether you see it coming or not, it can be incredibly difficult to outsmart a flying object. Injuries to the eye may occur during a sporting event, automobile accident, or fall. The good news is that the orbital rim, which surrounds the eye socket, protects the eyeball. The bad news is that the bone […]

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