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Youthful skin looks smooth and firm because it has strong building blocks. Science has discovered what those building blocks are and how to support them. We are pleased to offer sophisticated radiofrequency treatments to postpone and correct the signs of aging without surgery or downtime.

What is Bodytite?

BodyTite is a platform designed with radiofrequency technology. It is used to achieve radiofrequency assisted lipolysis, RFALTM in various areas of the body. The platform treats fat gently and also stimulates tissue tightening that maximizes aesthetic outcomes. Using this technology, we help patients achieve excellent results with no added downtime.

Candidates for Bodytite

If there is an area of your body that is notoriously diet and exercise resistant, you may be a good candidate for BodyTite. The office procedure can be performed on multiple areas in one visit. Common treatment areas include the stomach, thighs, knees, chest, and arms. Each treatment zone takes just 15 minutes.

Benefits of Bodytite for Skin Tightening?

BodyTite is a popular body sculpting technique due to its advanced technology. Patients appreciate the built-in safety mechanisms that prevent thermal damage to the dermis and skin. They also appreciate the dual-benefit of fat reduction and tissue tightening from a single procedure. Unlike surgical body contouring, BodyTite does not require general anesthesia, which minimizes treatment risks. The use of radiofrequency energy to melt fat cells and stimulate collagen remodeling achieves smooth, consistent results with fewer side effects and less downtime than surgical techniques.

Bodytite Before and After Photos

BodyTite before and after photos in Denver Colorado
BodyTite before and after photos in Colorado

What Areas Can Be Treated?

If you can imagine it, you can do it: stomach, arms, chest, knees and inner/outer thighs are some of the most common treatment zones. Multiple areas can be treated in one visit. Each zone will take approximately 15 minutes of treatment.

How Does Bodytite Work?

The BodyTite procedure delivers results without surgery by combining radiofrequency energy with gentle suction. It is performed under local anesthesia, so the patient is very comfortable. To conduct the procedure, the doctor makes tiny incisions to gain access to the layer of subcutaneous fat. The BodyTite applicator wand is inserted into the layer of fat, where radiofrequency energy heats fat cells to liquid form. Simultaneously, the radiofrequency heats the dermis and causes both collagen contraction and proliferation. Then, a thin cannula is inserted through the incision to suction the melted fat.Treatment can take 1 to 3 hours. Incisions typically do not require stitches. They heal nicely with a simple dressing.

What is the Downtime?

Depending on the treatment area, downtime can be from 1-2 days up to 10 days.

How Quickly Will I See Results?

Results can be seen immediately, with best results noticeable after 6 weeks, and continuing up to 12 months.

How Long Will My Bodytite Results Last?

BodyTite is a worthwhile solution for adults interested in minimally-invasive body-sculpting and skin tightening. The results of treatment can be long-lasting. Patients must understand that skin tightness will change over time as a result of aging, sun exposure, and lifestyle factors. The body contouring achieved with BodyTite can be maintained with good diet and exercise habits.

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