May 2018

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Square Jaw: Is Botox the Answer?

Usually, BOTOX® goes hand-in-hand with temporary wrinkle reduction. As this injectable solution has become more familiar thanks to advanced studies, we have come to realize that Botox can also correct cosmetic concerns such as a drooping brow line. It has also been used as a remedy for excessive underarm sweating. Now, we can add a new item to the list of the many things Botox can do: jaw sculpting.

What is the masseter muscle and how does it affect face-shape?

Our facial shape is achieved through symmetry across bony structures and fatty deposits. There is also musculature that can affect facial shape. One that might create frustration for women, in particular, is the masseter muscle. This is the tissue that connects the upper and lower jawbone. Due to its position on the lower cheek, the masseter muscle gets a bit of a workout when we chew gum or grind and clench our teeth. For the person who does either of these two things regularly, there is a chance that the masseter muscle may become chronically enlarged and tensed.

Specific contours characterize the female face. A square jawline presents a more masculine appearance and may frustrate a woman who would like to maintain a more feminine oval or V-shaped face. In some cases, Botox may be an ideal solution.

How Botox Works

We know that Botox can reduce the appearance of frown lines by temporarily minimizing muscle contractions on this part of the forehead. The masseter muscle can be treated in the same way. When Botox is introduced into any tensed muscle, it prevents the connection between neurotransmitter chemicals and nerve endings in that muscle. Within about a week of treatment, the treated tissue relaxes. In standard usage, this relaxation leads to smoother skin. In treating the square jaw, the process is slightly different.

When Botox is used to sculpt the jaw, the masseter muscle will need more product due to its size and strength. To achieve the desired outcome, two appointments may be scheduled over about a four-week period. Each time the muscle is treated, it will relax slightly more. Once the muscle has shrunk in size and the jaw has become smoother, follow-up treatments may be scheduled every few months.

Botox may not be the answer for every person but provides a viable solution in many cases. For more information on Botox and treatment for a square jaw, call our Denver office at (303) 839-1616.

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Use Your Lunch Hour to Get Ready for Summer

Daylight savings time means more sunlight, which means more time to get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. The closer we inch toward summer, the greater our desire will be to shed layers of clothing that have served us well these past several months. If you’re like a lot of us, your winter-body has stuck around for a little longer than you expected. This just won’t do, and it doesn’t have to. With a little time on your lunch hour, you can promote a natural elimination process that will whittle away frustrating bulges.

Non-Surgical Fat Reduction is the New Norm

Even when liposuction and abdominoplasty was pretty much the only way to refine body-contours dramatically, a lot of potential patients were hesitant. The development of non-surgical devices has brought new life into aesthetic medicine. Here at Fante Eye & Face Center, we love helping patients realize their dream of having a flatter stomach or a smoothly-sculpted chin by offering CoolSculpting. This fat-freezing technique has been widely studied and identified as one of the best non-surgical fat-reduction techniques available today.

In addition to the efficacy of CoolSculpting, one of the benefits that helps patients take back control of their shape is the fact that this non-surgical treatment can be done during the lunch hour. Each treatment may last as little as an hour (longer if you want multiple areas treated in the same visit). During a CoolSculpting session, an area of fat is suctioned between two cooling panels that are gradually adjusted to a freezing temperature. Initially, the cooling effect sends nerve endings into a little frenzy. Cool turns to an ache turns to numbness in about a ten-minute window. From that point on, most patients sit back and read or enjoy other entertainment while their fat is targeted for destruction.

There’s Still Time

Patients appreciate the non-invasive nature of CoolSculpting but may feel anxious to see their results. It’s a tradeoff: no incisions and no downtime, but gradual improvement in shape. Just because summer is on the horizon does not mean you’ve missed your chance to enjoy the benefits of a slimmer figure this season. Noticeable results often occur by about week-three after CoolSculpting treatment. That means that virtually any time is a good time to get started.

Learn more about CoolSculpting and start on your summer body by calling our Denver office at (303) 839-1616.


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