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CoolSculpting or BodyTite: Which is Right for You?

Handsome young man in blue jeans with naked torsoBody contouring procedures are popular for many reasons. Ultimately, the primary reason people seek procedures like liposuction or nonsurgical treatments is that stubborn fatty bulges can stick around regardless of how much dieting and exercising we do. That is unless we devote ourselves to those tasks, which most people simply don’t have time to do. If you’ve done some research on fat-reducing treatments, you may have come across a wide variety of potential options. Two that are quite popular in our Denver office are CoolSculpting and BodyTite. While both are proven to reduce unwanted fat, they don’t work the same. Here, we discuss some of their main differences so that you can better understand your choices and how you might decide between them.


CoolSculpting is a noninvasive procedure that freezes fat cells. The process is referred to as cryolipolysis. It is stimulated by placing a targeted area of fat cells between cooling panels. The size of a treatment area may be about that of a stick of butter or, in some cases, even smaller. A short period of time between cooling panels causes the contents of fat cells to crystallize. The body naturally flushes these destroyed fat cells through the lymphatic system. Without the same number of fat cells, the target area decreases in size. According to studies, one CoolSculpting treatment can reduce the target area by up to 24%. However, multiple sessions may be needed to achieve the best results.

Common CoolSculpting treatment areas include:

  • Abdomen
  • Backs of the arms
  • Back or bra area
  • Thighs
  • Double chin

There is no downtime after CoolSculpting. Results develop gradually over up to 12 weeks, but improvements are usually noticeable after four.


This body contouring treatment works via radiofrequency energy. It is a type of minimally-invasive liposuction that involves the insertion of a small cannula into the subcutaneous layer of fat. Patients are sedated for the procedure so experience no pain. The narrow tube delivers radiofrequency to melt fat cells and also stimulates collagen production before the fat is suctioned away.

Common areas for BodyTite include:

  • Abdomen
  • Back
  • Backs of the arms
  • Neck or double chin
  • Hips
  • Thighs

Patients can expect one to two days of downtime after BodyTite treatment. Results become noticeable in a few weeks and can improve for a year or longer. The majority of fat loss and skin tightening is noticed in the first six months after the procedure.

If you have more questions about our body contouring treatments or want to schedule a visit, contact our Denver office at (303) 839-1616.

The Importance of Exercise After Liposuction

Year after year, liposuction in Denver and around the country remains very popular— and with good reason. Liposuction physically removes fat cells from the body, streamlining patients’ physiques and providing results that diet and exercise often can’t match.

In adults, it’s not the number of fat cells that fluctuates as weight changes; it’s the size of the cells. Unless your fat cells are physically removed from your body, as with liposuction, the number you have now is the number you’ll have a decade from now, even with good diet and exercise habits.

Though liposuction does permanently eliminate some fat cells, the fat cells that remain can still enlarge, causing weight gain and possibly even reversal of liposuction results. Still, some patients believe that undergoing liposuction allows them to ease up on their exercise routines. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case.

Cosmetic concerns shouldn’t be your only reason for hitting the gym before or after liposuction. Candidates for surgical fat removal should be reminded that the risk of serious medical issues, including diabetes, heart disease, and obesity are associated with increased amount of certain types of fat, and are not treatable with liposuction

It’s important for any person considering body contouring surgery to remember that these procedures are not effective substitutes for diet and exercise, nor are they guaranteed to last for life. But by maintaining good habits for as long as you’re able, you’re not only ensuring you look your healthiest — you’re taking steps to actually be your healthiest.

The Facts About Botox®

For many years, the mere mention of the word “Botox®” has evoked a variety of opinions (some negative and some positive), and for a long time, Botox® injections were thought to be a procedure reserved for the rich and famous to maintain their beauty and fight the natural signs of aging. In recent years, however, more and more women (and men) are choosing to have Botox® for a number of reasons.  Botox® has definitely become more mainstream, affordable and accessible for those who are neither rich nor famous, and people are beginning to understand its medical benefits.

Regardless of what you have heard or read about Botox®, keep in mind that not all information out there is factual. For this reason, it’s recommended you get accurate information from a trained professional—a medical doctor who has been educated in Botox® injections and can explain the benefits of this hugely popular cosmetic enhancement/medical treatment.

What, Exactly, is Botox®?

Botox® is actually the trade name for the botulinum toxin type A, which was originally used beginning in the 1980’s to treat facial and eyelid muscle spasms. In recent years, however, Botox® has become a very popular anti-aging tool as it reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Because Botox® is both fascinating and misunderstood, it’s important that you understand what Botox® can do for you in regard to the aging process. If you’re considering Botox® in Denver, please learn as much as you can before undertaking Botox® injections. Here are some basic facts about Botox®:

  • The FDA approved Botox® for treatment of eye spasms in 1989.
  • The FDA approved cosmetic Botox® for creases in the frown lines in 2002, and it soon became the number one cosmetic procedure performed in cosmetic surgery facilities.
  • A licensed injector must administer Botox® injections.
  • The number of needle pokes necessary varies for each individual, as does how long the Botox® will last. Some patients may require more frequent injections than others.
  • Depending on the depth of your creases, how quickly Botox® works varies, but regardless of how deep your frown lines or wrinkles are, Botox® will eventually work (on most patients).
  • Most people react very well to Botox®; while rare, any adverse side effects will usually subside quickly.
  • Botox® aids in medical problems including migraine headaches, excessive sweating, bladder spasms, cerebral palsy and general muscle spasms.

If you’re looking for Botox® in Denver, please visit the Fante Eye and Face Centre, where a staff of paramedical professionals, certified surgical assistants, and medical technicians work closely with Dr. Robert G. Fante to provide you the best cosmetic treatment in the Denver area.

Upon arrival at your first appointment, your medical history will be taken, and Dr. Fante will consult with you to determine what your goals are regarding injections. If Botox® is right for you, Dr. Fante and his team will schedule injections right away.

How Smoking Affects Your Facial Skin

We have all heard about the health hazards of smoking our entire lives, but did you know that in addition to contributing to adverse effects on virtually every system of the human body, smoking also affects the appearance of your facial skin? It’s true. Every time you inhale a cigarette, different types of damage is done to your facial skin, and smoking accelerates the aging of your skin, which is something that no one wants to experience.

In an age when most people are doing everything in their power (and with the help of their cosmetic surgeon) to reverse the signs of aging including getting Botox® in Denver at Fante Eye & Face Centre, one step you can take to look younger is to stop smoking today. We realize that’s much easier said than done, but with so many smoking cessation medications, patches, gums, e-cigarettes and the like to help smokers kick the habit, it is possible and maybe a little easier than ever before.

How Does Smoking Affect the Skin?

Did you know that after only ten years of smoking, the facial skin on even young adults begins to become affected in negative ways? Wrinkles become visible because smoking causes narrowing of the blood vessels in the outer layers of the facial skin. This, in turn, results in less blood flow and reduces the amount of nutrients and oxygen that get to the skin. Smoking, in a sense, starves your facial skin of the nutrients and oxygen it needs to stay healthy. So, after several years of regular smoking, your skin will certainly start to show signs of premature aging.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “Smoking damages important connective fibers like collagen and elastin, causing permanent wrinkles. This damage doesn’t take long to appear—studies have found that even smokers as young as 20 years old had facial wrinkling that doctors could see under a microscope. And if you smoke 10 or more cigarettes a day for at least 10 years, you’re more likely to develop deeply wrinkled, leathery skin and a yellowish complexion.”

Other ways that smoking adversely affects the facial skin is that when you purse your lips to inhale cigarette smoke and squint to prevent smoke from going into your eyes, you are causing stress to your skin. Crow’s feet around your eyes are one result of inhaling cigarette smoke; another result are deep lines around the sides of your mouth, making you appear older than you really are.

If you’re looking for Botox® in Denver to help repair some of the damage smoking has caused your facial skin, Dr. Fante at Fante Eye & Face Centre can help. Botox® has proven to be a successful tool to minimize the wrinkles, lines and creases caused by smoking. To learn more about Botox® in Denver, how it can help the damage done by smoking, and what to expect during Botox® please contact the Fante Eye & Face Centre, serving Denver, Boulder and surrounding communities today.

What to Know About CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a remarkable new body contouring technology that allows you to freeze away fat. It doesn’t require dieting, and doesn’t require exercise. Indeed, it gets rid of fat that hasn’t responded to dieting and exercise in the past.

But is this technology right for you? Explore some facts about the technology to learn whether it’s the right choice for you.

CoolSculpting Is Nonsurgical

In liposuction, small incisions are used to insert a thin tube to suck out fat. This invasive procedure can result in significant tissue damage as it tries to remove fat. The trauma to your body results in pain, bleeding, significant risks, and a long recovery time.

CoolSculpting is completely nonsurgical. Cooling panels are applied to the surface of your skin. There are no cuts or burns or damage to your skin, even. You can go right from your CoolSculpting appointment back to work, or go home and sit down on the couch—there’s no restrictions after the procedure.

CoolSculpting Uses Natural Processes to Eliminate Fat

If you’ve noticed the way your fat jiggles, you may have suspected the secret behind CoolSculpting: fat is weaker than other tissues. In particular, it is vulnerable to cold. CoolSculpting reduces the temperature of your body to a point that freezes and kills fat cells but leaves other cells unharmed.

Then your body conducts the cleanup, breaking down and removing the dead fat cells according to its normal processes.

CoolSculpting Is FDA Cleared

CoolSculpting uses previously-approved technologies that have been shown to be very safe. The FDA has cleared CoolSculpting for the treatment of unwanted fat, showing that it is a technology that is safe and effective.

CoolSculpting Is Not Weight Loss

Although CoolSculpting is a very effective way to get rid of fat, you can’t count on it for weight loss. It’s not going to take pounds of weight off, but the ounces of fat you lose in certain areas can make the difference.
You’ve lost the weight, already, but you’re still left with unsightly bulges in some areas. Now get rid of those bulges and don’t worry about your weight.

CoolSculpting Is Permanent

One thing you have to know about fat: we don’t get new fat cells when we gain weight. Our body has all the fat cells it’s going to have. Instead, when we gain weight our fat cells get bigger, like balloons.
When you get rid of fat cells, they’re gone forever. The treated areas will show the results forever, and if you maintain your weight, you won’t see the fat deposits come back.

CoolSculpting Is Versatile

CoolSculpting can be used on any fat deposit you have that can be cooled using the machine. Places people often request treatment on include the stomach, love handles or muffin top, back fat, thighs, and arms.

Want to learn what CoolSculpting in Denver can do for you, please contact the Fante Eye & Face Center today for a consultation. We can answer any other questions you may have so you can make an informed decision about CoolSculpting.


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