November 2016

Don’t Fall for the Idea that the Fall Season Won’t Harm your Skin

skin care denver co | Fante Eye and Face Centre In our beautiful part of the country, there is no way to ignore the dance of Autumn. Fall is one of those times of year when we are treated to changing colors and scenery; cooler air but not so cold we just want to stay indoors. With all the joys of the season, and the impending hussle and bustle of the Winter holidays, it can be easy to forget how important it is to revamp your skin care routine.

Cool means dry, and you know what that means
A change from the warm summer weather can mean more time outdoors. It can also mean more time in hot showers, the jacuzzi, and more time in the house with a heater running. The air is dryer in the cool-weather months, and piling on the comforting heat can only exacerbate the damage that dryness can do to the skin.

Hands may get chapped (and the lips, too), and the skin on the arms and legs may start to look scaly or bumpy, and may begin to itch. These are all signs that your skin care needs to change. One way to soothe irritated skin is to reach for a thicker moisturizer. Think body butter instead of lotion. While you’re at it, though, remember that scented products may contain alcohol, and alcohol will dry the skin.

Beware that Sunburn!
Research suggests that there is actually a higher risk for sunburn during the Fall months. This makes a lot of sense, too. We naturally equate warm weather with sunburn risk. So, naturally, when the weather cools down, we may feel safe hitting the hills for biking and hiking without the protection of sunscreen. This is where we put ourselves at risk. A kinder climate can be deceiving. Make sure you continue your use of sunscreen anytime you are outside.

Direct Effects of Cool Air
Our skin is very responsive to environmental factors, climate being one of them. Warm weather opens up the pores in the skin and encourages oil production. Cool weather does the opposite; it causes the pores to close up and blood flow to constrict. This reaction to cooler air could mean that cellular turnover slows down, and you lose that beautiful glow.

In addition to using pampering skin care products that are appropriate for the season, you can visit our Denver office or Medspa for refreshing treatments that nourish your skin. Call (303) 839-1616.

Chin up, Dear! Get Help for Sagging Neck Skin

neck lift denver co | Fante Eye and Face Centre Aging is something that, historically, could not be stopped. Today, this statement is questionable. Of course, the body is going to age without ceasing. However, the appearance of aging – signs like drooping brows and laugh lines – are something we can pick and choose. If you’re not sure about this, just flip on an episode of any Real Housewives franchise and you’ll see what we mean.
As much as we focus on smoothing lines and creases on the face, we may easily overlook an area that has long been a dead giveaway of age: the neck.

The Low Down on Lax Neck Skin
At some point, most people catch a glimpse of their neck in the mirror. They may be surprised by what they see. When did that turkey gobble start to wobble? How did the skin become so thin and crepey? These are all common questions that many women (and men, too) ask themselves as they notice signs of aging. Because the neck holds on so nicely for so long, these concerns can seem as though they develop overnight. Here’s why . . .

Neck skin is not as resilient as we may assume. It’s actually about as thin as the skin on your upper and lower eyelids. You know, the skin that you have been encouraged not to tug and pull by rubbing your eyes? What’s below your face is that fragile, too. That means that, when collagen and elastin start to degrade, this skin very quickly loses its support network. Another form of support, the platysma muscle, also frays over time, causing it to droop from its usual horizontal position. All this loss of support from muscle and connective tissues leads to one of the most noticeable signs of aging: a double chin.

Lift your Head High with Treatment for Aging Neck Skin
Not all aging necks require neck lift surgery, though we do offer that service in appropriate cases. Many patients get a head start with anti-aging treatments for their neck. Some popular options include Botox, to smooth the platysmal band, fillers to restore fullness where needed, and laser resurfacing to induce collagen remodeling.

Get the information you need to restore a youthful neck and face in our Denver office. Call (303) 839-1616.


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