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Should I Get a Brow Lift?

These past 18 months, we’ve become more aware of how much our eyes affect our appearance. When we can see the entire face, features can play off of one another. The smile can offset eyes that may look heavy, unfriendly, or sad. In this age of mask-wearing, the relationship between facial features has become distorted […]

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Are You Considering a Brow Lift?

The appearance of your eyes has a significant impact on your face as a whole. Naturally, the eyebrows are meant to rest over the bony ridge above the eye, called the upper orbital rim. With age and the ongoing decline in collagen, the position of the brow gradually changes. A dropped brow heaps weight onto

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Brow Lift Details you Need to Know

At some point in the aging process, most men and women become concerned about the skin around their eyes. This delicate tissue seems to be more susceptible to thinness and sagging as collagen stores become depleted, and that can mean a host of problems that need to be addressed. Over the years, cosmetic surgery procedures

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