For the past decade, our team has enthusiastically volunteered to help out in many ways throughout our local Denver community, as well as for our larger human family in other parts of the U.S. and around the world.

We have recently sponsored, participated and contributed to these great organizations that are working to make peoples’ lives better in our community:

  • In order to be A Voice for the Silent Heroes, a group of business owners and donors have partnered with to provide for the need of Denver Dream Center. Denver Dream Center is a non-profit dedicated to helping neighborhoods by feeding people, giving kids an opportunity to play in community, picking up trash, and more! Prior to this project, Denver Dream Center was in need of a trailer that could help them carry equipment into neighborhoods and a grill that was large enough to feed hundreds people. The Lion Project was able to partner with local businesses to fulfill these needs! If you would like to learn more about Denver Dream Center, you can visit their website at:

  • Ellis's Make-A-Wish Foundation PosterHope Homes and Make-A-Wish Colorado –
  • Denver Tennis ClubDenver Tennis Club –
  • SafeHouse Denver –
  • Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation –
  • The Delores ProjectThe Delores Project –
  • von's visionVon’s Vision –
  • Sjogren’s Walkabout to fight Sjogren’s autoimmune disease –
  • Denver Pridefest to fight prejudice and help the GLBT community in Colorado –
  • Lunch for the Homeless – organized by our own Fante Centre staff and delivered to people in need on the street
  • LIM359 HopfestLIM359 Hopfest benefit for people with limb loss in Colorado –

Join us in support any of the activities above, or call our office for more information!

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