Eyelid Rejuvenation

The appearance of your eyes is something that is reflected back to you all day every day. You cannot help but notice the nuances when you look in the mirror. Appearance is also reflected back in the way that others interact with you. If you’re tired of answering the question “are you tired?” or […]

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Interested in Rhinoplasty? We Need to Talk about Your Chin!

Thousands of people each year spend time looking into – or getting – a nose job. Rhinoplasty is still one of the leading facial cosmetic surgery procedures, and it is also one of the most intricate. If you have begun your research into a nose job to correct a cosmetic or functional concern, you […]

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Treating the Double-Chin for (Greatly) Improved Confidence

There are certain aspects of aging that are inevitable. We expect to notice fine lines around the eyes and mouth. We may even nod in acceptance when the jawline starts to soften. But a double-chin? That’s just a slap in the face! The truth is, submental fullness doesn’t only occur in the aging adult. […]

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We Have Our Ways

When we think about the desire that we have to look young, or to at least do our part to prevent premature aging (and really, who doesn’t want to slow their aging process?), what gets our attention is the appearance of our skin. Any way you look at it, there is a great deal […]

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Considering Lip Augmentation? Here’s What You want to Know!

Lip augmentation has become an incredibly popular approach to facial enhancement. The addition of volume across the smile line increases a person’s attractiveness. A fuller mouth is perceived better. We observe people with full lips to be younger, more sensual, friendlier; it’s just natural instinct at work. If you want to enhance the appearance […]

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Your Skin Needs Your Attention

Aging is something that a lot of people think about. But thinking isn’t enough. Worrying about those worry lines isn’t enough. To manage great skin from one decade to the next requires attentive action. We’ve all seen those guides that tell us what we should be doing during our twenties, thirties, and beyond. Here, […]

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Otoplasty: When the Timing is Right

Timing is everything. We’ve all heard this adage. It can mean so much, right? We consider the right time to wean an infant off the breast or bottle. As adults, we often think about the right time to start an anti-aging program, or to schedule that facelift. Here, we want to take a look […]

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Lasers are All the Rage in Anti-Aging. Here’s What You Need to Know!

Lasers have made it possible to remove unwanted hair, unwanted ink, and even unwanted lines and wrinkles. Due to demand and innovation, some laser treatments have been developed in a relatively short period. The plethora of devices can make your head spin. We’d like to save you from that by providing facts regarding laser […]

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Think you Know What a Facelift Will Do?

The quest for everlasting youthfulness is nothing new. For centuries, humans have put a great deal of effort into building that proverbial fountain of youth. We’ve come close, too! There is no time like this in history to age. We say that because aging has some antidotes. From Botox to bioidentical hormones, there are […]

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Does That Shiner Need Some TLC?

Whether you see it coming or not, it can be incredibly difficult to outsmart a flying object. Injuries to the eye may occur during a sporting event, automobile accident, or fall. The good news is that the orbital rim, which surrounds the eye socket, protects the eyeball. The bad news is that the bone […]

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