Orbital Tumor Skin Graft


Learn more about Orbital Tumors

During Surgery

Learn more about Orbital Tumors


Learn more about Orbital Tumors

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Basal Cell Carcinoma Removal


During Surgery


Post Surgery


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Should I Get a Brow Lift?

These past 18 months, we’ve become more aware of how much our eyes affect our appearance. When we can see the entire face, features can play off of one another. The smile can offset eyes that may look heavy, unfriendly, or sad. In this age of mask-wearing, the relationship between facial features has become […]

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Options for Lip Augmentation

There is something fulfilling about feeling confident in one’s appearance. For women, especially, facial contouring involves the lips. We can see the importance of full, symmetrical lips in the popularity of various lip augmentation treatments and lip kits that have been developed to give the illusion of natural fullness. In our Denver plastic surgery […]

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Can You Look Great Without Surgery?

Plastic surgery procedures offer promising results. The common procedures that adults consider over time, such as liposuction, blepharoplasty, brow lift, and facelift surgery, have been around for decades. This means we know how they work; we know their risks and side effects, their downtime and expected length of results. Even with the vast amount […]

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Whom Do You Thank for Sagging Eyelids?

Facial appearance tends to be similar among families. For this reason, it isn’t uncommon to see some of the same changes in family members as they age. One of the areas of concern that we treat is the eyes. The skin around the eyes is relatively delicate by nature. It isn’t as thick as […]

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Preparing and Caring For Your Facelift

Facial aging isn’t always correctable with injectables and lasers. At some point, many people consider the value of a surgical facelift. Here, we discuss what may be necessary before and after this procedure to get the best results. 

The first step in the facelift process is our consultation. Dr. Fante and Dr. Goecks spend a […]

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Help! My Neck is Aging Faster Than the Rest of Me!

We know that various aspects of our appearance will change as we get older. We may anticipate a few worry lines, some laugh lines or crow’s feet (which can be eradicated with Botox). However, most people do not consider the fact that their neck may also age. This area of the body is delicate, […]

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We Can Get Your Face Zoom-Ready

In the past year, our approach to life has been drastically altered. A relatively large percentage of the population is now working from home. This has put hundreds of thousands of adults face to face with none other than themselves on a daily basis. If you’ve been on more Zoom or FaceTime calls than […]

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Excessive Tearing: Here’s What You Should Know

According to a study in the American Journal of Ophthalmology, approximately 16 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with dry eye disease. The same study, though, estimates that about 33% of ophthalmology patients present with the symptoms of this condition. One of the most prevalent symptoms of dry eye disease is […]

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