Making the Most of Botox

Anti-aging can be a challenge. Every little thing we do is just buying us time. Knowing this is the case, many people want to know if they can extend the benefits of various treatments. Patients sometimes ask if they can prolong the anti-aging effects of Botox and, if so, how. While there is no […]

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Morpheus8 is the Advanced Technology Your Skin Needs

Aging. It’s going to happen to all of us regardless of what we do. Knowing that we will develop various tissue changes as we grow older, our best bet is to prepare for them and manage them the best we can. That best used to be surgery. Over the past few decades, though, researchers […]

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How to Manage the Risks of Surgery

Many people would like to have plastic surgery to enhance something about their appearance. However, concerns about surgical risks can stop them in their tracks. We don’t want that to happen to you. Our team prioritizes patient safety, understanding that cosmetic procedures are still surgery and therefore carry risks. We have devoted many hours […]

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Dr. Fante on Recurrent Eyelid Retraction

Lower eyelid retraction can occur due to a variety of causes including thyroid eye disease, facial nerve palsy, and secondary to surgery, trauma, or other cicatrizing conditions. Surgical repair of lower eyelid retraction can be challenging, particularly in recurrent cases. Dr. Fante co-authored an article supporting the use of spacers in these instances, minimizing […]

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Procedures We Expect to Be Popular in 2021

Plastic surgery and nonsurgical procedures have been popular for many years. The novel coronavirus didn’t change that, as much as we thought it might. Instead of seeing a decline in interest, those offering aesthetic services experienced a marked increase in scheduled appointments once offices reopened after their brief hiatus. While facial plastic surgery is […]

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Get a Sculpted Jawline with ALLURA Facial Contouring

Worsening lines and wrinkles are not the only consequence of facial aging. For many people, it is the softening and sagging of the jawline and neck that pose the greatest concern. Historically, the only way to correct these changes was to have surgery. While Dr. Fante and Dr. Goecks are trained to perform surgical […]

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Are You Curious about Kybella?

The face, like the rest of the body, changes over time. From childhood to adulthood and throughout our adult years, we witness aesthetic transformation triggered by structural remodeling. At first, it is the maturing of bones and connective tissues. Then, it is the gradual breakdown of these aspects of the body. We know these […]

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Why a Facial Plastic Surgeon Should Perform Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed today. This procedure, performed on the upper or lower eyelids, has such a profound effect that it can bring new energy to the entire face. That is if all goes well.

The fact is, any surgical procedure that is performed has inherent risks. Every […]

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What Causes the Eyelids to Droop?

No two people are exactly alike. Every one of us has a unique facial structure and aging process. These sound like vague statements but, to the plastic surgeon, they are guiding principles. When a patient visits our Denver practice to correct droopy eyelids, we keep these principles at the forefront of our minds. Here, […]

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What Happens if an Eyelid is Damaged?

We expect our eyelids to go through very little change throughout our lifetime. At most, we may understand when we notice that the upper or lower eyelids get puffy or saggy. This is a normal transition that occurs with age. However, most people do not anticipate the potential for eyelid damage, such as injury […]

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