Blepharoplasty: Is Now Your Time?

We use our face to express how we are feeling. Likewise, humans are experts at reading faces. We don’t spend much time doing so. We don’t have to. Various parts of the face, including the eyes and the mouth, are very telling of a person’s mood and character. Our ability to form a first […]

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There’s Hope for Eyelid Scarring

An eyelid that has been damaged may not adequately protect and lubricate the eye. Injuries and scars can cause retraction in which the lower eyelid is pulled downward. Depending on the degree of scarring or retraction, symptoms such as tearing, blurry vision, and chronic eye irritation may occur. These symptoms can exacerbate the frustration […]

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Oh, How Your Skin Loves Peptides!

Natural aging has troubled humans for ages. Throughout many centuries, our ancestors sought both simple and sophisticated ways to keep the skin looking young. Now the responsibility for our cosmetic aging is squarely on our shoulders. This is a good thing. Today, we’ve got high-tech treatments like lasers and light therapies to promote more […]

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Start the New Year off Loving the Skin You’re In

This is a time of year that prompts many of us to take a closer look at various aspects of our lives. We look at how well we’re taking care of ourselves, how we might manage stress better in the coming months, and how we can address the cosmetic issues that have plagued us […]

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Did you Check Your List Twice?

This is the time of year during which we gleefully make our holiday gift-giving list. No doubt you’ve already done so, with the holidays now upon us. If you remember, you probably felt a surge of delight just making the list. This is because there is literal psychology to giving, actual changes in the […]

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Want to Refresh with Laser Treatment? Now is the Time!

Aging occurs in the cells of the skin and other parts of the body. However, where we tend to see biological changes first is in our skin. The uppermost layers of skin tissue, the dermis and epidermis, begin to display concerns such as spots, roughness, fine lines, and laxity, all of which are related […]

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It’s OK, Think of Yourself This Season

We’re on the brink of a new season, the season of the year that millions of people have been looking forward to for months. As the holidays grow nearer by the day, you may be finding yourself both excited about what is to come and simultaneously concerned about how you will look your best […]

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Let’s Roll Out the Lasers!

We aren’t brought up to understand the vital role our skin plays in our appearance and overall well-being. It’s fascinating to even think of the skin being the body’s largest organ! Because it is constantly exposed to both internal and external stressors, the skin can fall short of displaying the true vitality we feel […]

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When Can I Get Back to My Normal Routine After a Facelift?

Although we’ve got a plethora of dermal fillers, laser and light therapies, and other modalities at our fingertips these days, the facelift has not been replaced. For many people, the time comes when problems like jowls and nasolabial folds are too much to look at anymore. A facelift can correct these and other concerns […]

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Eyelid Rejuvenation Is a Multi-Pronged Process

Eyelid rejuvenation has been a bit of a buzz in recent years. People are realizing that subtle changes around their eyes, such as puffiness, sagging tissue, and drooping eyebrows, make them appear older than they are and, in many cases, much older than they feel. Who wouldn’t want to control issues such as these […]

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