March 2018

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Facial Implants: What They Do and Whom They Help

With the popularity of cosmetic fillers, it has become easy to assume that ideal facial symmetry is just a syringe away. We can’t argue the fact that synthetic fillers, and even fat grafting, are exceptional forms of facial rejuvenation. The thing is, not everyone who seeks such treatment does so to correct the normal signs of aging on their face. In our Denver office, we also perform facial contouring with solid silicone or porous polyethylene plastic implants for various parts of the face.

Who is a good candidate for facial implants?

Facial implants are suitable for the patient who is generally healthy and interested in the long-term correction of facial asymmetries in the cheeks, lips, jawline, or temple area. In addition to being a longer-lasting solution than even the best dermal filler, one of the notable advantages of facial implants is that each enhances the actual physical structure of the face. By adding solid yet supple structure, a facial implant can add dimension to the face that has been lost, or that never existed. For this reason, implants are well-suited to individuals whose anatomical structure never reached a state at which contours developed.

What Various Facial Implants Do

  • Chin implants add projection and angles to the jawline.
  • Jaw implants add symmetry by widening the lowest bony structure of the face. Thus, the jawline becomes more defined and angular.
  • Cheek implants are an excellent long-term solution for recessed, hollow, and flattened cheeks.

Facial implants are a safe and efficient treatment for enhancing the face in a more dramatic and long-lasting way. Because there are risks associated with cosmetic surgery, it is best to obtain information and treatment regarding facial implants from a board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has extensive familiarity not only with facial anatomy but with the nuances of various facial implants.

As a facial and oculoplastic surgeon, Dr. Fante has a comprehensive educational background and decades of experience in the use of facial implants. Learn more about how we can help you enjoy better facial symmetry and, as a result, feel more confident in your appearance. Call (303) 839-1616 to schedule your visit.

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Will Fat Transfer Replace the Facelift?

Cosmetic surgery is a field of innovation. We enjoy watching the development of new treatments and procedures occur. In many cases, new techniques eventually make their way to our Denver office; but only after lengthy clinical studies have proven the efficacy and safety of any given process. One that we are pleased to provide to patients seeking facial rejuvenation is fat transfer or fat grafting. Though safe and effective, we also need to compare fat transfer to the traditional surgical lift to assure each patient the opportunity to look their best.

Something to Consider

Facial aging is largely about volume loss. As collagen degrades over time, the structure of superficial tissue changes. We may see this as flattening cheekbones, hollowness below the eyes or cheeks (or both), and the increased appearance of jowls at the sides of the jawline. When we perceive the full degree of structural decline as related to fat, it will make sense also to assume fat transfer is the answer.

Ultimately, we approach facial rejuvenation with the intent of achieving a very natural result. Just like synthetic dermal fillers can alter the natural appearance of the face and make you not look like you, so can fat. For example, if your face has always been on the thin side, the sudden appearance of full, round cheeks would seem out of place.

Age-related changes in the face are also related to deeper tissues that lose resiliency as collagen declines. Gravity has a greater effect on these subdermal tissues that usually sit snug against the bone structure. What cosmetic surgeons used to do was remove all excess tissue and suture the skin more tightly against the bone structure. This didn’t restore volume, though; it only made for a gaunt-looking face.

Addressing the Uniqueness of Every Face

Every face is unique. For this reason, a traditional facelift, with its tightening and removing, may not be the answer to aging. On the other hand, addressing volume loss and facial laxity by plumping the cheeks, jawline, and undereye areas may also diminish natural beauty. The best approach to facial rejuvenation, then, is to observe you’re natural facial contouring and take necessary action based on that. Many patients find that a slight lift or a lift combined with either fat grafting or dermal fillers is the solution that best meets their desire for long-term rejuvenation.

Contact our Denver office at (303) 839-1616 to learn more about fat grafting and facelift techniques.


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