Are You Considering a Brow Lift?

The appearance of your eyes has a significant impact on your face as a whole. Naturally, the eyebrows are meant to rest over the bony ridge above the eye, called the upper orbital rim. With age and the ongoing decline in collagen, the position of the brow gradually changes. A dropped brow heaps weight onto the tissue of the upper eyelids. It somewhat closes off the eyes and can even give an appearance of weight to the face. If your eyes look angry, sad, or generally tired, you may be ready to take control of your beauty by consulting with a qualified professional. Here, we discuss a few particulars about brow lift surgery that patients of our Denver office should know.

Brow lift surgery seeks to restore natural beauty.

We understand that a surgical lift of any type is a major decision. Most people will take pause at the idea of a brow lift, and they should. This procedure can dramatically alter the face. When handled with the utmost care, a brow lift can beautifully refresh the entire upper region of the eyes and forehead so you look like you, only younger. A board-certified plastic surgeon will observe the orbital rim, the structure and tissue quality on the forehead, and the natural curvature of the brow. A plastic surgeon will notice nuances like one eyebrow drooping lower than the other and the area of that droop, such as the inner or outer edge of the brow. Observing the various details of the face, Dr. Fante creates a personalized surgical plan to rejuvenate the eyes to appear friendlier and naturally vibrant.

Brow lift vs. Botox

The development of injectable solutions has made beauty much more accessible and convenient. However, innovation can also create confusion. Many people obtain Botox injections to restore a bit of height to a sagging brow. However, there may come a point at which injections cannot achieve the desired degree of lift. For more significant problems in the uppermost part of the face, surgery makes sense in terms of both quality and longevity. For more dramatic and longer lasting results, patients tend to opt for a surgical brow lift.

Discover how lifting your brow can refresh your face and your outlook. Call our Denver office at (303) 839-1616 to schedule your consultation.

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