Brow Lift Details you Need to Know

Brow Lift Denver, CO At some point in the aging process, most men and women become concerned about the skin around their eyes. This delicate tissue seems to be more susceptible to thinness and sagging as collagen stores become depleted, and that can mean a host of problems that need to be addressed. Over the years, cosmetic surgery procedures have been refined to allow for targeted improvements. To correct eyelid hooding or bagging caused by a heavy brow, patients don’t have to agree to an entire facelift. In fact, they may not have to agree to surgery at all.

Surgical Correction for Drooping Brows

Typically, we consider brow lifting to be a cosmetic endeavor. It’s true that a large majority of people do undergo treatment to look younger. However, it is also important to know that there may be medical value in the lifting of the brow, as well. For instance, individuals who have been affected by some degree of facial paralysis may have a difficult time seeing due to the heaviness of the brow line. In such instances, brow lift surgery can mitigate vision impairment while also restoring facial symmetry.

For cosmetic improvements that are not related to brow sagging, patients may seek upper or lower eyelid blepharoplasty. This procedure or the pair of procedures removes excess skin and may reposition fat pads appropriately to liven up the eyes with the appearance of youthfulness.

What you need to know is that brow lift surgery corrects aging around the eyes in one way, and blepharoplasty in another. Sometimes, patients schedule these procedures together to maximize their outcome. A thorough consultation is performed to determine if a brow lift or blepharoplasty would best address existing concerns.

Safety of Eye Surgery

Thousands of eyelid procedures are performed on a routine basis. Dr. Fante has a focused educational background that includes training in oculoplastic surgery and ophthalmology, as well as other facial procedures. This training facilitates a degree of precision not found with every surgical team. Risks associated with brow lift surgery include asymmetry and infection, though these risks are quite low.

Why Choose Surgical Brow or Eyelid Surgery

The distinct advantage to surgical correction of the brow or eyelid drooping is long-lasting results. Though skin and tissue change over time, brow lift surgery and blepharoplasty are procedures that accomplish the objective of longevity.

Learn more about eyelid rejuvenation during a consultation in our Denver office.

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