Does That Shiner Need Some TLC?

Does That Shiner Need Some TLC? | Fante Eye and Face Centre | Denver, CO Whether you see it coming or not, it can be incredibly difficult to outsmart a flying object. Injuries to the eye may occur during a sporting event, automobile accident, or fall. The good news is that the orbital rim, which surrounds the eye socket, protects the eyeball. The bad news is that the bone may be wounded more than you imagine. In many cases, orbital fractures are not an emergency that requires immediate surgical repair. In fact, some fractures do not need surgery at all. However, it is important to know when to see the doctor, and whom to see should trauma occur to the eye.

Symptoms of an orbital fracture include:

  • This may occur around the eye only, or it may extend to the sinuses or even the teeth.
  • The appearance of blood on the sclera, or white of the eye.
  • Depending on pain tolerance, this can be a difficult way to gauge orbital fracture.
  • Light sensitivity.
  • Change in the appearance of the eye (sunken).
  • Double-vision.

Why You Should See a Doctor for Facial Trauma

Sometimes, a bump or blow to the eye seems like “no big deal,” especially if the pain is tolerable and there is no bleeding or sunken appearance. Sometimes, it is the cheekbone that suffers the fracture. In any case, broken bone tissue around the eye could lead to the damage of nerves or blood vessels. In rare instances, a fragmented bone may puncture the eye. A medical evaluation after an eye injury minimizes the risk of unnecessary complication after the initial trauma.

Orbital fractures can be diagnosed via a thorough examination and x-ray or CT scan imaging to closely observe the condition of bone around and beneath the eye. Imaging enables us to pinpoint the location of the fracture, and also ascertain the severity of the injury. As a result, this information facilitates appropriate treatment planning for the most desirable outcome.

Dr. Fante has performed thousands of surgical procedures to repair orbital fractures and other eye injuries. To schedule a consultation, call our Denver medical and cosmetic center at (303) 839-1616.

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