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Facial Implants Denver, CO Thousands of people each year spend time looking into – or getting – a nose job. Rhinoplasty is still one of the leading facial cosmetic surgery procedures, and it is also one of the most intricate. If you have begun your research into a nose job to correct a cosmetic or functional concern, you may already know this detail. Chances are, though, that your nose job, in your mind, revolves around your nose. Ultimately, though, to change the nose means to alter the entire balance of the face. This is the goal, but to achieve it may mean that we look South, to the chin.

According to research, as much as 20% of the rhinoplasty patient population could also benefit from chin augmentation. Modifying both structures can lead to a significantly more proportionate and attractive profile. Facial beauty is all about ratios and balance. On the observance of the profile, what the eye naturally wants to see is a chin that protrudes forward enough so that it lands at a vertical drop from the tip of the nose.

There are two ways in which the chin may be addressed alongside or after rhinoplasty. The best approach is determined by the current balance of the face and the reshaping that is planned for the nose. It is important to note that neither method of chin augmentation has much of an impact on front-view appearance. The impact is primarily seen when the profile is observed.

Options for Chin Augmentation Include . . .

Facial Implant

A chin implant may be a U-shaped, pre-formed piece of silicone that enhances the forward projection of this facial feature. In some instances of wrap-around implant forms, they can also enhance the fullness of the jaw line. As this can create stronger angles, the discreet widening may be advantageous. Chin implants are available in an array of sizes, so it is possible to create the exact look that you need for beautiful symmetry. In addition to maximum augmentation, chin implants are also beneficial because they last for many years.

Dermal Fillers

In recent years, some physicians have taken to the use of dermal fillers for chin augmentation. The clear benefit to this approach is the non-surgical nature of filler treatment. Patients also appreciate that they can see immediate results. The downside to fillers is that they can only augment the chin so much. Additionally, more than one treatment may be necessary over time.

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