Treating the Double-Chin for (Greatly) Improved Confidence

Neck Lift Surgery Denver, CO There are certain aspects of aging that are inevitable. We expect to notice fine lines around the eyes and mouth. We may even nod in acceptance when the jawline starts to soften. But a double-chin? That’s just a slap in the face! The truth is, submental fullness doesn’t only occur in the aging adult. We meet some younger people in our cosmetic surgery practice who feel insecure about the prominence of fatty deposits beneath the chin.

The double-chin is an age-old problem. Fortunately, aesthetic medicine has caught up with it. We now have a few choices in the way we treat this notoriously difficult area.


Liposuction is the manual extraction of fat cells using a small incision and tiny cannula, or tube. Neck liposuction involves microinstruments and refined technique to add better contouring to the upper neck and jawline area.

Neck Lift

The full facelift was once one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed. Years of practice have led to innovations such as localized lifts. Blepharoplasty is one example. The neck lift is another. Neck lift surgery may coincide with neck liposuction for optimal results. Liposuction first removes the extra fat cells that have accumulated in this area; then a lift is performed to secure superficial tissues in a higher, tighter position. This approach may be most appropriate for older patients or those who have lost a substantial amount of weight.

Non-Surgical Double-Chin Treatments

When surgery is not a preferred treatment, it may be possible to consider alternative methods of melting unwanted fat. In our Denver office, we may suggest:

  • An injectable treatment, Kybella is a solution that contains deoxycholic acid. This chemical is naturally-occurring so not likely to cause an adverse reaction (aside from initial swelling and redness due to injections). The absorption of deoxycholic acid disrupts the structure of the walls of fat cells, which leads to targeted elimination. Up to 4 treatments may be needed.
  • Melt fat with freezing temperature? Yes! This non-surgical treatment is usually considered for body contouring but is also effective in the area beneath the chin. A few treatments are needed to completely dissolve a double-chin.

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