Eyelid Rejuvenation

Blepharoplasty Denver, CO The appearance of your eyes is something that is reflected back to you all day every day. You cannot help but notice the nuances when you look in the mirror. Appearance is also reflected back in the way that others interact with you. If you’re tired of answering the question “are you tired?” or have concerns that your eyes are not as welcoming and friendly as you want them to be, now is a great time to make your move. At Fante Eye & Face Center in Denver, we’ve got multiple ways to help you feel your best.

Eyelid rejuvenation is a popular request made by men and women of all ages. Here’s what can be achieved with a customized treatment plan.

Smoother Upper Eyelids

For many people, the primary concern related to eyelid appearance is heaviness or hooding on the upper lids. The characteristics of this part of the eye are different from person to person, with a smaller surface area common in some. The heaviness that is related to genetics may worsen with age, as skin loses resiliency. Even if your eyelids have historically been tight with an obvious crease, changes in skin and also in the position of the brow can “bulk up” the eyelid area.

Treatment options: Successful upper eyelid rejuvenation is reliant on addressing the right problem. We cannot assume that excess skin should be removed with blepharoplasty. First, we must look at the brow. Sometimes, it is a brow lift (even a BOTOX brow lift) that improves the appearance of the eyelid.

Tighter Lower Eyelids

With age and sun exposure – and the occasional rubbing – the skin beneath the eyes can loosen. Because the skin and superficial tissue are responsible for securing fat pads in place, the laxity that develops near the surface allows the protrusion to occur. We don’t call this protrusion; it is usually referred to as undereye bags. Regardless of what we call this problem, it’s a problem that needs to be handled to make the eyes more inviting.

Treatment options: We know that undereye bags pretty much have one cause. Still, there are a few ways to restore beauty. We may disguise bags by adding volume in the form of dermal fillers. Treatment focuses on the tear trough and upper cheek. Severe laxity that has caused festoons or pulling away of the eyelid from the eyeball needs to be corrected. This is achieved with blepharoplasty.

We understand the value of smooth skin around the eyes and have several treatment options to help you support this tissue, including laser and light treatments. Learn more at (303) 839-1616.

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