What Nonsurgical Treatment is Right for Your Aging Face?

If you’re like the vast majority of adults, you may feel frustrated about the signs of aging that seem to worsen day by day. We all realize that our face will change over time, but that doesn’t mean we are ready to accept these changes when they occur. Fortunately, a number of advances have occurred in anti-aging technology. These advances have made it possible to achieve significant cosmetic improvements without surgery. Knowing that many of our patients are interested in exploring nonsurgical options for facial rejuvenation, we have developed a comprehensive menu from which to choose. We’ll discuss a few of our most popular treatments here. 


Most people’s first step into professional anti-aging treatments is to get injectable treatment. Because products like BOTOX and dermal fillers are so popular, we assume most people are aware of how they work. Still, if you’re new to treatment, you may have questions. In general, BOTOX and dermal fillers work synergistically. Many people combine them to achieve the best results. BOTOX is a neuromodulator that smooths lines and can lift the brow by relaxing contracted muscles. For the record, we not only offer BOTOX but also other neuromodulators that have been developed in recent years. Dermal fillers work differently than neuromodulators. These products are intended for volume increase. This makes fillers great not only for lines and creases but also for lip and cheek enhancement. There is no downtime and results last from a few months to 2 years. 


This minimally-invasive treatment has been achieving impressive results for years. The basis of AccuTite treatment is radiofrequency energy. Unlike older RF treatments, AccuTite works by delivering the thermal energy internally as well as externally. Only a small nick in the skin is needed, so patients are comfortable with the use of a local anesthetic and light sedation. Due to the mechanism of delivery, the results of AccuTite are profound. Due to the small size of the treatment applicator, this procedure is ideal for eyelid rejuvenation, brow lifting, jawline contouring, and even areas of the body like the backs of the arms. There is minimal downtime, and results continue to improve for several months. 


For those interested in a completely noninvasive treatment, SkinTyte delivers. This procedure uses advanced infrared light to deeply heat the skin while cooling and protecting the entire treated area. The energy of the pulses of infrared light are absorbed into deeper layers of the skin, where collagen proliferation is stimulated. There is no downtime after SkinTyte skin tightening treatment. Multiple sessions may be scheduled to achieve the best results. 

As the holidays approach, more of us are considering how we can boost our appearance to match our internal liveliness. We’re happy to help you! Contact our Denver office at (303) 839-1616 to schedule your consultation.

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