Tightening Facial Contours Just Got Easier

An aging face looks different on everyone. Some get ever-deepening folds around the nose and mouth. Some develop a downward curve to the corners of their mouth. While facial plastic surgery can correct these concerns, nonsurgical technologies continue to prove themselves worthwhile contenders in the anti-aging arena. Double board-certified surgeon Dr. Robert Fante is as much of a fan of these nonsurgical options as he is of surgical techniques. They enable him to maintain his objective of patient-centered care with a wide range of adults who just want to look and feel their best. One of the best technologies to emerge in recent years has been the FaceTite treatment.

What is FaceTite?

FaceTite is an FDA-cleared facial rejuvenation technique that utilizes radiofrequency energy. Several other radiofrequency treatments have been developed in the past decade. The majority of them deliver radiofrequency energy through the skin. This can be appropriate in some situations, but may not be ideal for patients interested in more profound tissue rejuvenation. FaceTite is different because it delivers powerful radiofrequency beneath the skin, closer to the layer of tissue in which collagen is made. Some say that it is an alternative to a facelift or neck lift. We say that may depend on the situation, but that FaceTite certainly does have its benefits.

How it Works

The outpatient FaceTite procedure takes less than an hour. To begin, the doctor or nurse applies a topical numbing agent to the treatment area. The jawline and upper neck are the most common treatment areas. In this case, a tiny opening is made near the ear. This incision is so small that it does not require stitching to close it, nor is there a significant chance that it will result in a noticeable scar. After the numbing agent has taken effect, the incision and insertion of the internal treatment probe occur painlessly. To stimulate tissue tightening, the doctor moves the handpiece along the lower face. As this is done, the internal probe sends radiofrequency outward while an external electrode simultaneously delivers the same powerful RF energy through the skin. In this way, the layer of tissue to be tightened is sandwiched between the two sources of energy.

Because the FaceTite procedure includes the use of an internal probe, it is able to deliver higher temperatures without an increased risk of tissue damage. This is what sets FaceTite apart from other radiofrequency techniques. The internal stimulation has an immediate effect on the target layer of collagen-rich tissue and it also stimulates an ongoing process of tissue regeneration that continues for three months or longer. Typically, patients see a peak in their tissue remodeling around the three-month mark. According to clinical studies, this nonsurgical facial rejuvenation treatment can turn back the clock by 5 to 7 years.

If you are feeling the frustration of facial aging, now is a great time to take matters into your own hands. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Fante in Denver, Boulder, or Broomfield by calling ​(303) 839-1616 or completing an online form here.

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