Is There an Option for a Non-surgical Neck Lift?

beautiful young naked woman touching neck While we often watch for the signs of aging on the face, we eventually come to realize that the neck ages, too. Sometimes, the laxity and wrinkling on the neck worsen at a faster pace than the face and other areas of the body. This happens because the neck area generally has less fat beneath the skin to help maintain plumpness. Conversely, the problem that some people have is that the neck seems to be where fatty tissue wants to accumulate. Where there is fat and loose tissue, we see what has become known as “turkey neck.” An aging neck can be a frustrating problem, but there are solutions. Many of our patients who undergo facelift surgery also choose to incorporate a neck lift into their treatment plan. It just makes sense to treat both areas at the same time since they are adjacent. But what if you’re not quite ready for a surgical solution? Is there a way you can tighten a loose, aging neck without surgery? At Fante Eye & Face Center, there is.


FaceTite is a radiofrequency facial contouring procedure that focuses on the jawline and upper neck area. The radiofrequency technology used in this treatment is referred to as RFAL, radiofrequency assisted lipolysis. The way that FaceTite firms and sculpts the target area is by delivering powerful radiofrequency waves beneath the skin. This is a different approach than previous RF treatments, which penetrate through the upper layers of the skin in an attempt to acheive profound tightening and fat-melting. By entering the skin with the use of a tiny probe, the FaceTite procedure is more efficient and achieves more dramatic tissue tightening. Performed using a local anesthetic, FaceTite involves tiny nicks in the skin through which the internal probe is inserted. At the same time that this probe is delivering RF energy beneath the skin, an external probe is emitting RF from the outside. The two tips of the applicator work together to sandwich the energy in the precise layers of tissue that lay the foundation for tight, firm, youthful skin. Patients may have slight side effects like swelling, redness, or bruising that last three to four days.

Allura Laser Sculpting

The Allura Laser treatment is a highly conservative form of neck liposuction. Like FaceTite, Allura is performed using a local anesthetic. Patients report feeling zero pain. Where our previous treatment works via lipolysis, fat-melting, Allura is a liposuction technique that is streamlined and enhanced through the use of laser energy. This beneficial treatment is ideal for adults who want surgical results with minimal downtime. While there are post-treatment side effects like bruising and swelling, patients see the outstanding effects of their treatment within about 2 weeks of the procedure. Because Allura utilizes laser energy in conjunction with liposuction, the procedure eliminates fat that may be obscuring the angles of the jawline while simultaneously stimulating collagen retraction and remodeling.

A loose jawline is a common sign of aging. This problem often coincides with a double-chin and sagging neck skin. In our Denver office, we’ve got multiple ways to deal with these concerns. Having a variety of modalities allows us to customize the ideal treatment for every patient based on the findings of their comprehensive consultation and examination. To schedule your visit and learn more, contact us at 303-839-1616.

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