Let’s Chill on the Double Chin Problem

The younger generation uses the word “chill” to describe a state of relaxation. When worrying unnecessarily, one may say they need to “chill out.” In our arena, we chill in an entirely different way! We help patients chill out about cosmetic concerns related to unwanted fat by literally chilling fat cells into oblivion. Here, we discuss how chilling fat cells with the CoolSculpting device is an excellent way to eliminate a double chin for good.

For the past several years, CoolSculpting has gained popularity as one of the easiest and most effective methods of nonsurgical body contouring to ever be developed. People all around the world have gotten this treatment to whittle their waistlines, banish back fat, and thin the thighs. As the treatment has been refined over time, new applicators have been developed. This has led to the use of CoolSculpting as an effective double chin treatment.

How CoolSculpting Demolishes the Double Chin

To begin a CoolSculpting treatment program, we must first make sure that this modality aligns with what a patient wants to achieve. There are other ways to treat a double chin, including neck liposuction and Kybella, so we talk with patients about their goals and expectations and marry those up with the ideal treatment. One of the reasons why CoolSculpting is a preferred treatment is that it does not require any anesthesia and it involves no injections. There is also no downtime needed and very few lingering visible side effects, like swelling or redness.

When CoolSculpting is used to treat a double chin, the process begins with the application of a gel pad. This sits between the skin and the cooling applicator. The small applicator that cools fat cells holds the small area of unwanted fat in place with gentle suction. This can feel like tugging but is not painful. As tissue is cooled, patients may feel tingling and slight aching, then numbness. The procedure is done in less than an hour. Afterward, patients can immediately resume normal activities.

There is no bad time to get rid of a double chin that is degrading your complete confidence. To explore your double chin treatments, including CoolSculpting, call our Denver office at (303) 839-1616. Our friendly staff is happy to schedule a consultation for you.

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