How to Get Relief From Chronic Dry Eyes

Women are holding back their eyes The feeling of dry eyes is extremely common and affects nearly everyone. There are many causes that can cause the dry, gritty and irritated feeling in one or both of your eyes. Although there is no cure for dry eyes, some treatments can alleviate the symptoms and potentially address the underlying causes.

Of the causes of dry eyes, external factors are most commonly the cause and are likely to be encountered nearly every day. These range from general or seasonal allergens to reactions to skin care products. Environmental situations like low humidity can also contribute to dry eye symptoms.

However, some internal diseases and disorders may also cause dry eyes. Generally, the symptoms are caused by either reduced production of tears or tears that do not have the exact solution of oils and water necessary to lubricate the eyelid over the eyes properly.

Proper nutrition and adequate hydration can significantly affect the quality of the tears your body produces. As your hydration and electrolyte levels change, the pH of your tears can be affected and lead to dry eye symptoms or other eye irritations.

Warm compresses using an eye mask or moist towel can help reduce swelling around the eyelids that can cause an abrasive feeling as the eyelids move across the eye surface. A gentle massage of 5 to 10 minutes after the warm compress can help your body create more tears to lubricate the eyes.

For more severe cases or those caused by disorders or diseases of the tear ducts and glands, special prescription eye drops can help alleviate the symptoms. These are specially formulated for your specific condition.

Do not let dry eye symptoms continue to cause you discomfort or interrupt your daily life. Call Fante Eye and Face Center in Denver, CO, at 303-839-1616 or visit to schedule a consultation. The team of doctors and staff can correctly diagnose the causes of your dry eyes and create a treatment plan.

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