How Men Differ When it Comes to Facelift Surgery

Even in light of the recent advances in aesthetic medicine, facelift surgery continues to be one of the Top 10 procedures performed each year. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons annual report has revealed that more than 125,000 patients underwent facelift surgery last year. Of those, 15% of patients were men.

We are proud to serve men and women from the Denver area with aesthetic treatments that can provide them with their intended outcome. Every treatment is personalized to help us achieve this. Furthermore, our understanding of the differences between men and women enable us to plan appropriately. Here, we break down a few of the particulars that are considered for men interested in facelift surgery.

Facial Anatomy

Most people can recognize that the facial structure of men and women differs. Just how much it does may be a mystery to the general public, but not to us:

  • Women’s faces typically have weaker ligament and skeletal structure than men’s faces. Knowing this, we carefully plan the extent of repositioning for each patient. Too much lift on a man’s skeletal structure may lead to an overly-tight appearance. Our objective is to refresh the face, not make it look “done.”
  • The skin and fatty tissue on a man’s body also differ slightly from a woman’s. Here we see more significant thickness and density. This is something we take into account if liposuction will be performed on the neck as a part of the facial rejuvenation process.

Facial Hair

When performing facelift surgery on a man, we must take into account the current or future existence of facial hair and also the prevalence of short haircuts. Here, the critical detail is how we make incisions in an area and manner that will be most easily hidden. It is important to work carefully around hair follicles to prevent scarring that disrupts hair growth.


Although we conduct a thorough consultation for every patient, there is an understanding that most men who seek facelift surgery have a preference for maintaining the sharp angles of their lower face. Women, on the other hand, seek tightening that is noticeable but does not alter the softness of their jawline.

Facelift surgery is a leading cosmetic procedure because the techniques used today reverse the signs of aging in a way that looks natural. To learn more, contact us online or at our Denver office at (303) 839-1616.

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