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Microneedling denver co | Fante Eye and Face Centre In recent years, we have seen some non-surgical facial treatments become available. Some of them employ high-tech devices, such as radio waves or laser energy. Some, like microneedling, encourage collagen production through technique alone. With so many choices, patients need to know the real details of their treatment options. Let’s dive in to how microneedling works and what it can do for you.

The Two Methods of Treatment

Microneedling may be performed at home. Maybe you’ve seen those small, hand-held rollers with tiny points. This method of care is inexpensive, but it may also limit your results. Professional care is also affordable, and it lets you sit back and relax. Also, the products that are applied to your skin after an in-office treatment are professional-grade, which means they get better results.

The issue of Comfort

Whether you roll at home or you let our experienced clinicians treat your skin, there is no denying that microneedling can be uncomfortable. We wouldn’t say that the process is all-out painful, but we will say that, because we want you to enjoy the care we give you, a topical anesthetic may be applied to your skin before microneedling.

Holes in your Skin?

Some people assume that microneedling will make their skin red and marked with tiny spots. This is not what happens. In fact, most people are red only for an hour or so. And that redness is not enough to send them into hiding. What the skin looks like post-microneedling is flushed or pink. Immediately after treatment, bleeding may be noticeable, but the punctures made to the surface are so fine that they close within a few minutes and start the healing process.

It is the healing process that we are after when we treat the skin using the SkinPen® by Bellus Medical. You see, healing means collagen, and it is collagen that supports firm, supple skin. Collagen Induction Therapies like microneedling are safe and effective for all skin types, and may even treat areas around the eyes and lips. Whether used to prevent the onset of age-related cosmetic concerns or to reverse those that have started, microneedling is a path to perfect skin.

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