Forget your Foot, put your Best Face Forward!

facial plastic surgery in denver co | Fante Eye and Face Centre You may have been taught that judging a book by its cover is a bad thing; that we cannot possibly learn anything of value about a person without “digging deeper” and getting to know them. On some level, this is true. However, it kind of goes against our human nature; the hardwired skill that we all have and use on a daily basis: face-reading.

Humans have been reading faces for thousands of years, and they have done it well. It’s like your gut instinct; you just so happen to trust it. Well, face-reading is similar. Long ago, assessing one’s character needed to happen without haste. Wait too long to get to know a person’s intent, and he just may be having you for dinner. Clearly, modern society is not nearly as barbaric. However, the shape of a person’s face, and features such as their eyes, nose, lips, and chin, all give us subconscious clues about who they may be.

  • The round, full “baby face” portrays innocence; a caring nature.
  • A square shape gives the perception of ambition, and also the trait of dominance.
  • A long face is associated with deliberate, methodical living, and also of a tendency toward working too much.
  • Triangular faces indicate energy and an active personality.
    Does this have any Merit Whatsoever?

Ok, so our ancient ancestors judged each other by looking at face, teeth, hair, and other physical attributes. What relevance does that have today?

  • Brandies University research found that a round face might just get you out of a sticky situation. In small claims cases, defendants with a “baby face” were not often thought guilty of an intentional crime. They were, however, found guilty more often of accidental harm, such as running over the neighbors mailbox because their foot hit the gas rather than the break. Why? Because a round face portrays innocence!
  • Another study on aesthetic beauty discovered that employers are more apt to extend an invitation for employment to a good-looking applicant, even if a less attractive prospect was more qualified.

What this Means for You

One thing is perfectly clear. The way that you feel about your own facial aesthetic will affect your level of confidence. Research also suggests that face shape and facial features will be associated with certain character traits by those who interact with. The good news is you can perfect everything from the plumpness of your lips to the shape of your nose and more, often without surgery.

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