Why Blepharoplasty May Not be a Solution for Ptosis

Eyelid sagging and drooping can be a frustrating problem. Too much skin on the upper eyelid creates a heaviness that just doesn’t belong. People with heavy upper eyelids are often perceived as unfriendly. They may be asked if they are tired, or if they are angry. This is no way to go through the day. In recent years, we have seen a marked increase in interest in blepharoplasty, or eyelid rejuvenation surgery. The problem is, this interest also often coincides with a misunderstanding regarding the cause of eyelid drooping.

Knowing Where to Begin

As a patient, you cannot be expected to know the underlying cause of drooping upper eyelids. All you know – and all you really need to know – is that you are not pleased with this frustrating problem, and you want to do something about it. From this point, it is up to your experienced surgeon to recognize why your eyelids appear heavy. Drs. Fante is ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon. This means they are intimately familiar with the structure of the eyelids and the eyes. Their thoroughness in consulting with patients leads to the appropriate starting point for eyelid surgery.

Treating the Right Problem in the Right Way

It is important to approach eyelid rejuvenation with an understanding of the underlying problem. In so doing, the chance that revision surgery may be needed decreases substantially. When eyelid drooping relates to the levator muscle in the upper eyelid, surgery will revolve around repairing the resulting ptosis (drooping). Ptosis repair involves the meticulous tightening of the levator muscle in the eyelid in order to allow tissue to lie properly over the eye. Blepharoplasty works differently. This surgical technique removes excess tissue from the eyelid. If ptosis is present, removing tissue will have minimal effect.

We want you to attain the results you want from cosmetic or reconstructive eyelid surgery. Our dedication to optimal outcomes can be seen in the thoroughness with which we consult with you during your initial visit. We prioritize the relationships that we build with our patients and their satisfaction with their chosen treatment.

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