What to Expect From Microneedling Treatment

With so many innovative treatments available these days, it can be difficult to decide which modality would be best for your cosmetic concerns. One of the concepts that our clients are interested in is how to promote youthful skin as they age. Injectables can correct many of the signs of aging, but they don’t alter the way the skin ages. To do this, you might think you have to go under the knife. Perhaps not. In our Denver medical spa, microneedling treatments are administered as a way to positively affect the aging process. Here, we discuss what you can expect if you choose to add microneedling to your beauty regimen.

  1. Expect us to make you comfortable.

The first question that many people have about microneedling is if treatment hurts. Without numbing cream, that is a real possibility. Because we want our patients to get great results and enjoy their treatment while it’s happening, we begin a microneedling session with 30-minutes of numbing. During treatment, some areas of the face may feel more sensation and others may feel very little at all. When we are done passing the Skin Pen over the treatment area, a soothing and hydrating serum may be applied to promote post-treatment comfort.

  1. Your skin may be red for a few hours.

One of the significant benefits of microneedling is that treatment is convenient and does not call for any substantial downtime. Because there is a possibility that the skin will look as red as a bad sunburn, you may want to postpone work or social engagements for a few hours after your treatment. For the most part, you can expect to be back to normal within 3 to 4 hours. The day after microneedling, redness should be completely replaced by a gorgeous glow and you can resume normal activities.

  1. Expect to feel your skincare working.

It may come as a surprise to actually feel your skincare doing its job. The reason this may happen is that the creation of microchannels in the skin enhances the penetration of products applied to treated skin. The sensations that occur from cleansers, moisturizers, and serums is encouraging because it means your skin is gaining full benefits from your skin care practice. Because microneedling cleans the slate, so to speak, it is advantageous to use medical grade skin care products in conjunction with this treatment to achieve compounded results.

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