What Plastic Surgery Has to Offer Women Over 50

Plastic surgery procedures have been common for many years. However, due to the adamant refusal of many high-profile people to admit having had work done, American adults may still be somewhat apprehensive to seek out procedures that could make them happier with their appearance. We may still face certain attitudes about plastic surgery in our country but, fortunately, this is changing. Newer attitudes are paving the way for women (and men!) over a certain age to benefit in several ways.


It’s much more than a cliché to say that when we look good, we feel good. Research proves that. In one study, respondents were surveyed over 23 years. They were asked their opinions on aging, happiness, and wellness. The study discovered that a person’s attitude toward aging correlated directly with the speed and manner in which they aged. Those with a more positive outlook in general tended to suffer fewer and less intense age-related problems. The optimists also lived an average of seven and a half years longer than those with negative attitudes toward aging.

Turning 50 provides us with the opportunity to assess our goals, values, and view of the world. It allows us to observe how we feel at the moment and how we want to feel in the future. Often, plastic surgery fits nicely into an action plan to feel good at every age.

Confidence Can Yield Professional Benefits

Studies indicate that we are working longer today than our parents and grandparents may have. There is no set retirement age. In addition to valuing professionalism, employers also report that they seek confidence when hiring new employees. Confidence is something we feel from others, not something we see in them. Many people agree that feeling good about how they present themselves physically garners increased confidence overall. This can pay off in the workplace, especially one in which ageism can be a notable problem.

According to the statistic that half of employees over the age of 50 reported being laid off before they were ready to leave their job, we can see that there may be little job security for the older demographic. With this in mind, we see that there is immense professional value in attending to one’s appearance in mid-life and beyond.

Your Look is All About You

Of course, we all know that our look is our own, and also only our business. However, perceptions about plastic surgery and how we should feel about getting older can get in the way of making a very personal decision about what is right for us. Several studies point out the emotional benefits of age-correcting procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical. Whatever it is about your appearance that you would like to enhance, we’d like to know. Contact us today to experience the benefits of natural-looking facial rejuvenation.

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