Symptoms of an Orbital Fracture

orbital fracture The bones around your eye make up the orbital socket. They form a cup-like structure with walls and a floor. The bones that protect your eyeballs have a rim that is very thick and difficult to break. The upper and lower parts of the rim are formed from your forehead and cheekbones, respectively. The bones that form the floor and walls below the rim are much thinner and will break more easily. A fracture in any of these bones is referred to as an orbital fracture. Here is what you should know.

Causes of Orbital Fractures

A hard hit to the fact can cause an orbital fracture. These injuries are often a result of assault. However, they can be caused by accidents. Slip and fall accidents, sporting incidents, and auto collisions are some of the leading contributing factors to these painful injuries.

Symptoms of Orbital Fractures

Regardless of the type of orbital socket fracture you have, you could suffer one or more of these symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Double vision (diplopia)
  • A black eye
  • Numbness that could spread as far as your lip
  • Limited eye mobility
  • Your eye is out of place (Enophthalmos)

Treatments for Orbital Fractures

To check for an orbital socket fracture, our doctor may take a CT scan or an MRI. Mild fractures do not usually need surgery, as they may heal on their own. Indirect orbital fractures may only require surgery if part of your eye is trapped in the break or if over half of the floor is broken.

Our doctor may make recommendations such as avoiding stress on the area, such as when blowing your nose, keeping it iced, and taking painkillers. If the break is severe enough, surgery may be recommended.

Get Help for Orbital Fractures in Denver, CO

If you have suffered an injury to your orbital bone, it is important to get medical attention and treatment right away. Contact our team at Fante Eye & Face Centre to schedule a consultation by calling 303-839-1616. Our experts have more than two decades of experience providing quality services to patients in Denver, CO, and surrounding areas. You can depend on us for quality and effective care.

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