Psoriasis Treatment Breakthroughs

Chances are that you or someone you know has psoriasis. It is an incurable, non-contagious autoimmune skin disease that affects 3 out of every 100 Americans. Thankfully, remarkable progress in the treatment of psoriasis has recently occurred and dermatologists at SkinCare Physicians can now select from a multitude of therapies.

Living with psoriasis is often physically and emotionally disabling. Sufferers deal with intense itching, cracking, bleeding and flaking of their skin that can interfere with sleep, relationships, work and daily functioning. Unfortunately, the psoriasis condition commonly leads to feelings of despair, hopelessness and depression.

The good news is that the science of psoriasis therapies is evolving quickly. The wide variety of treatments available today enables our psoriasis specialists in Denver to personalize the care for each patient suffering from the disease, regardless of type and severity. New topical lotions, foams and sprays have replaced the messy ointments of the past. Phototherapy is more precise, and laser treatments are now a reality. However, the greatest advance is the development and approval of biologic therapies to treat those with moderate-to-severe psoriasis. Medications such as Enbrel, Humira, Remicade and Stelara directly address the excessive inflammation that is core to the problem underlying psoriasis. These agents offer hope for dramatic skin improvement as shown in the photos below, and potentially a long-term solution for this chronic disease.

Even better therapies are on their way. Dermatologists at SkinCare Physicians, who have led the way with clinical research on existing biologics, are now focused on the next generation of novel psoriasis treatments including other self-injectable medications and oral pills. It is an evolving and exciting time, and our Psoriasis Treatment Center in Denver has never been more equipped to help patients manage this disease.

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