Otoplasty: When the Timing is Right

Otoplasty: When the Timing is Right | Fante Eye and Face Centre | Denver CO Timing is everything. We’ve all heard this adage. It can mean so much, right? We consider the right time to wean an infant off the breast or bottle. As adults, we often think about the right time to start an anti-aging program, or to schedule that facelift. Here, we want to take a look at the matter of timing in the planning of Otoplasty surgery.

Otoplasty is the procedure performed to “pin” the ears. This surgery can create a natural-looking protrusion of the ears, and may also be performed to make the ears stand more upright, not to fold forward. Because the ears are such a prominent feature, especially when they are prominently positioned, the question about the best time for Otoplasty may be asked very early in a child’s life.

Childhood Concerns

Regardless of a child becoming accustomed to his or her prominent ear size and shape, there is the issue of school. When children enter school, appearance may become a prime target of teasing. Understanding the importance of these developmental years, parents may wonder if ear pinning surgery is appropriate at this early stage of life. The answer is yes; Otoplasty is a consideration for pediatric patients for more than one reason.

What You Need to Know About Otoplasty

Physical development is an important consideration in some treatments. For instance, rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, should be postponed until facial anatomy has developed completely. The ears are different. A person’s ears reach full-size between the ages of 4 and 5. This means that, if desired, parents may consider Otoplasty for their child before entry into elementary school.

The earlier performance of Otoplasty takes away a primary concern related to social development. It is also advantageous during the first decade of life because, during this phase of development, a child’s cartilage is still relatively soft and malleable. This makes for a gentler pinning process.

What parents do want to consider is how to strategize the recovery from Otoplasty. The biggest challenge may be that, during the post-surgical phase, the patient may only sleep on their back. Aside from the potential for a few bedtime battles, Otoplasty recovery is rather easy. Comfort is not an issue for children, nor for adult patients.

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