Oh, How Your Skin Loves Peptides!

Natural aging has troubled humans for ages. Throughout many centuries, our ancestors sought both simple and sophisticated ways to keep the skin looking young. Now the responsibility for our cosmetic aging is squarely on our shoulders. This is a good thing. Today, we’ve got high-tech treatments like lasers and light therapies to promote more youthful behavior in the skin cells. We also have surgery if we choose to go that route. Whichever one chooses, there is still a need for quality skincare. Fortunately, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds in that area, too.

Peptides: The Powerful Ingredient Your Skin Needs

Peptides aren’t just potent ingredients in skincare products, they are amino acids that are found in the body. We see them in the skin, as well as the joints and muscles, when vital proteins break down. It’s as if collagen and elastin break down and create the fragments of amino acids we now know as peptides. The reason they are beneficial is clear: peptides are the body’s messengers that generate new collagen and elastin as well as regenerating enzymes.

How Peptides Work

Peptides are complex particles of amino acids; there are several types that the body uses. Copper peptides, for instance, are known for supporting damaged collagen fibers as well as new collagen that is produced. Carrier peptides invite various minerals to a damaged area to fortify new protein fibers. Messenger peptides simply tell the body that collagen and elastin have broken down and that tissue needs repair.

The findings of research are exciting because we now know that we can apply peptides to the skin to stimulate a repair response. Having peptides available in skincare products means that we can ask the body for healthy new collagen and elastin every day. This is a necessity because, as we age, the body doesn’t produce the same amount of these vital proteins as it once did. The lack of protein consistency is the very reason we see lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

In our medspa at Fante Eye and Face Center in Denver, we offer medical-grade skincare products that contain peptides in combination with various other ingredients that promote younger-looking skin. Get to know what your skin needs to look its best. Call (303) 839-1616.

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