Neck Lift Recovery: What to Expect

If you’re going to have neck lift surgery in the coming days, weeks or months, you have probably done your research and have learned everything there is to know about what’s involved with a neck lift and what the recovery process will be like. If you haven’t done your homework, we can help. Here, we will discuss what you can expect following a neck lift surgery, so you’ll be completely prepared for the recovery process.

Dr. Robert G. Fante is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon who is trained in both facial surgery and oculoplastic surgery. Dr. Fante is also a specialist in laser eyelid surgery, complex reconstruction around the eye, and facial cosmetic surgery. Neck lift surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures performed by Dr. Fante (after eyelid surgery) at the Fante Eye & Face Centre, serving Denver and surrounding communities. If you want a neck lift in Denver, Dr. Fante is highly recommended for this procedure that will produce a lovely transformation in your appearance.

Neck Lift Recovery Process 

After completion of your neck lift, a bandage will be placed around your face and neck to minimize swelling and bruising. A thin tube may be placed to drain any excess blood or fluid that collects under your skin. You will be asked to keep your head elevated above your heart to minimize swelling and to keep your head straight.

Dr. Fante will prescribe an antibiotic to prevent infection, and pain medication may be prescribed, also. Each patient’s needs vary, so you cannot count on what others have experienced during their recovery to know what you will experience. The most important thing to do following any surgery is to our post-operative instructions to the letter to avoid pain, infection and a longer-than-necessary recovery time.

During the first week of recovery, you will wear a spandex neck garment, and you should sleep with your head elevated (use pillows to keep your head elevated and to help prevent you from turning your head while you sleep). You must avoid vigorous physical activity for at least two weeks following neck lift surgery.   You will be taking antibiotics and pain medication as prescribed For three weeks after neck lift surgery, you must avoid tobacco, aspirin, NSAID’s (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) and Vitamin E.

Dr. Fante will provide you with very specific post-op instructions, and you can always contact the office should you have any questions during the recovery process.

To schedule a consultation for a neck lift in Denver with board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Robert Fante, please contact the Fante Eye & Face Centre today.

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