Nearing 40? Here are 4 Beauty Treatments You should be doing!

beauty routine denver co | Fante Eye and Face Centre Ah, the process of aging. It is not something from which we can be liberated. We will all start to notice certain concerns, no matter how fortunate we were in the gene lottery. As we have watched closely how the signs of aging occur, and the timing of them, we have learned one thing: we need to take control. The sooner, the better. If you have yet to master a beauty routine, consider these 4 treatments you may want to implement.

  1. Develop a daily skin care regimen. This sounds easy, but it takes some work. The best way to find the products that will work for you is to know what your skin needs. Also, you must realize that what your skin needs today may not be what it needs a year from now. A consultation at ReDerm MD Medical Spa, associated with our Denver facial plastic surgery office, can lead you in the right direction.
  2. You have heard of Botox, and maybe you’ve even thought about getting your frown lines treated, but something has stopped you. Don’t be afraid to branch out into the land of injectables. Botox has been used safely around the world for well over a decade. The strategic use of this drug will ease wrinkles without making you look frozen. Treatment is fast and virtually painless and beautifully refreshes your face. Results last only 3 to 6 months, so you have little risk and a lot to gain.
  3. The other powerhouse treatment that is common in men and women from their twenties on up is dermal fillers. As you reach the age of 40 and beyond, fillers can be used for everything from lip plumping to smooth out lines around the mouth to the treatment of under eye bags. If you fear that you will not like the way you look, ask about hyaluronic acid products. If necessary for any reason, this treatment can be reversed.
  4. Laser treatments are excellent for everything from hair removal to skin resurfacing. BBL or broad-band light treatments have been shown to directly slow the aging process in the skin, and a laser is even used to treat visible veins on the face, legs, or another area.

As we age, there will be signs. This is ok, but you want to know how to manage your appearance when the time comes. To explore your options, call Fante Eye & Face Centre at (303) 839-1616.

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