Get a Sculpted Jawline with ALLURA Facial Contouring

Worsening lines and wrinkles are not the only consequence of facial aging. For many people, it is the softening and sagging of the jawline and neck that pose the greatest concern. Historically, the only way to correct these changes was to have surgery. While Dr. Fante is trained to perform surgical facial contouring such as chin liposuction and neck lift surgery, they know that many patients prefer more conservative techniques. We are pleased to now offer ALLURA as one of those modalities.

What is ALLURA Facial Contouring?

The doctor begins the ALLURA procedure by infiltrating the area along the jawline and beneath the chin with a mile lidocaine solution. They then make one or more tiny incisions through which a laser applicator tip can be inserted. As the tip is moved through the fatty tissue, the laser heats the dermis to the desired temperature at which fat cells turn to liquid. A tiny cannula, or hollow tube, gently suctions the melted fat away, resulting in smooth, consistent results. A compression garment may be applied after the procedure to minimize swelling.

Is the ALLURA™ Facial Procedure Painful?

ALLURA is a form of laser-assisted liposuction performed through small incisions. Patients can expect a comfortable process. The local anesthetic that is administered before the procedure numbs the area for the duration of treatment. Patients may sense slight pressure from the movement of the cannula but should remain comfortable throughout the procedure.

Recovering from ALLURA Facial Contouring

Chin contouring with laser-assisted liposuction is minimally-invasive and requires minimal downtime. Patients may notice slight drainage from their incisions throughout the first day of recovery. This side effect should resolve within 24 hours. Bruising may also occur but should be hidden beneath the compression garment. For a week or two, patients may feel slightly sore or numb as the tissue continues to heal. The minor side effects that occur after ALLURA should not inhibit normal activities. As soon as the day after treatment, still wearing compression, patients may resume light activities. On Day 2 or 3, the compression garment can be worn at night only. If comfortable, patients may return to work at that time.   

The lower face affects the whole. If jowls and submental fullness are degrading your confidence, contact our Denver office for your ALLURE consultation. Call (303) 839-1616 today. 

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