Eyelid Drooping: What It Is and How It Can Be Fixed

The medical term for drooping eyelids is “Ptosis,” and this is actually a quite common condition that more and more people are having corrected by cosmetic surgeons. If you suffer from drooping eyelids, Denver-area cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Robert Fante at the Fante Eye & Face Centre, can help by performing surgery to correct the problem. Ptosis may be severe enough to cause vision problems, so surgery will not only improve the appearance of the eyes but will improve vision in some patients, also.

After a thorough evaluation by Dr. Fante and his medical team, you’ll have a full understanding of what would be involved in your eyelid surgery, medically known as “blepharoplasty.” If you’re interested in learning more about blepharoplasty in Denver and how droopy eyelids can be corrected, please read on.

Droopy or Drooping Eyelids—Some Basic Facts

Droopy eyelids may occur due to trauma, age, or certain medical disorders, and this condition can affect one or both of your eyes. In severe cases of ptosis, vision may be impaired and even fully blocked. Most people who suffer with ptosis can have this problem corrected with cosmetic surgery.

In order to correctly diagnose ptosis, one or more medical tests will be necessary. Dr. Fante’s medical team will collect your medical history, and he will perform a thorough physical examination, which may or may not include a slit-lamp exam. This exam allows Dr. Fante to take a very close look at your eyes with the help of a high-intensity light. Your eyes may be dilated for this exam, and you may experience minimal discomfort that will not last long.

Another exam that can be used to diagnose eyelid drooping is the Tensilon test. With this test, Dr. Fante may inject a drug called Tensilon into one of your veins. You may be asked to cross your eyes or do other movements that utilize your eye muscles. You will be monitored to see if the Tensilon improves your muscle strength, and this will allow the doctor to determine if muscle issues are the cause of your drooping eyelids.

All patients who come to the Fante Eye & Face Centre with drooping eyelids face varying degrees of this condition, so it’s difficult to predict exactly what you can expect. However, after your medical history is taken, and Dr. Fante exams you, clear answers will be available to all of your questions and concerns. If you have drooping eyelids and are considering blepharoplasty in Denver, please contact the Fante Eye & Face Centre today to schedule a consultation.

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