What to Expect After Eyelid Surgery

When considering whether or not to have elective surgery performed, you must think about what the recovery process will be like. Is the recovery part of the entire process of having surgery something you are able and willing to devote the time to; keep in mind that NOT following post-operative instructions can slow down the healing process and even make worse the initial problem corrected by the surgery. If you’re thinking about having eyelid surgery in Denver, you need to have it done by the best in the field.

At the Fante Eye & Face Centre, Dr. Robert G. Fante has been performing eyelid surgery on men and women for several years now, and he is one of the most highly respected, trust and knowledgeable surgeons in this highly specialized field. Blepharoplasty (the medical term for eyelid surgery) is a surgery that can correct a number of problems including droopy eyelids and excess skin in the eyelid area. It is often cosmetic, but in older people can sometimes be covered by insurance.

Blepharoplasty is usually performed either on the upper or lower eyelids (sometimes both) to correct problems such as dropping skin, excess skin, bags under the eyes and wrinkles. One major reason some people seek out eyelid surgery in Denver is that it may improve peripheral vision.

Eyelid Surgery and Vision

Eyelid surgery that removes that excess skin and makes the eyes less droopy often results in better peripheral vision. It is possible for loose skin in the upper eyelid to block your vision, but this doesn’t occur with the lower eyelid.  It is also possible that your upper eyelid muscle is failing which can lead to drooping upper eyelids. This is called ptosis and can also be repaired with surgery.

After an initial consultation, complete medical history and thorough physical examination, Dr. Fante and our team of medical professionals will assess whether or not you’d be a good candidate for eyelid surgery in Denver or one of our affiliated hospitals and surgery centers in Colorado and Kansas. If and how your vision is likely to be affected will also be determined.

If you have struggled with eye problems and feel that your vision is affected by the ways your eyes are shaped or by the skin around the eyes, please contact the Fante Eye & Face Centre to schedule an initial consultation with board-certified cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Robert Fante.

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