Am I a Candidate for Neck Surgery?

Are you unhappy with the way your neck looks? Do you feel you have too much loose skin and would like a tighter, younger look? If you are considering cosmetic surgery in Denver, you have come to the right place. Dr. Robert G. Fante, a board-certified cosmetic surgeon serving Boulder, Denver and surrounding communities, performs cosmetic neck surgery at the Fante Eye & Face Center.

After our medical team at the Center gets your complete medical history, Dr. Fante will sit down with you to ascertain your current situation, discuss your goals, and explore any surgical options that may help reach those goals. But before performing any cosmetic surgery procedure—no matter how minor or major—you must be considered a good candidate for the particular procedure you’d like to have done.

Are You a Good Candidate for Cosmetic Neck Surgery?

Let’s take a look at who would make a good candidate for cosmetic surgery in Denver performed by Dr. Fante. Because a neck lift is an outpatient procedure performed with either local anesthetic and some IV sedation, or with general anesthesia (anesthesia requirements vary with each patient), you can go home the same day of the surgery; however, you must have someone drive you as you may still feel the effects of the sedation and/or anesthesia when you leave the Center.

Outpatient procedures, like a neck lift, often make the candidate pool greater because they are less invasive, take less time to perform, and the recovery time is often much shorter than procedures that require overnight stays.

If you are over the age of thirty, are in good health and have reasonable expectations for what cosmetic neck surgery will do for your appearance, you are most likely a good candidate for the procedure. Because each patient’s reaction to surgery and recovery is different, Dr. Fante can determine if cosmetic neck surgery is right for you only after a very thorough medical consultation.

In order to be a good candidate for neck surgery, you have to be committed to the recovery requirements, which may include any or all of the following:

  • Changing dressings
  • Using ice as directed
  • Taking pain medication as directed
  • Resting at home
  • Wearing a spandex neck garment for one week
  • Sleeping with your head elevated for one week
  • Avoiding physical activity for a couple of weeks
  • Refraining from all tobacco use for three weeks after surgery
  • Avoiding aspirin, NSAIDs and Vitamin E for three weeks after surgery

Because the final results of cosmetic neck surgery may not appear for several months, patience is a must. If you feel you’d make a good candidate for cosmetic surgery in Denver performed by Dr. Fante, then please contact us today. We also have a convenient online form you can fill out to schedule your initial consultation.

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