What Is Blepharoplasty

Blepharoplasty comes from the Greek words “blepharon,” meaning eyelid and “plastein” meaning to shape. It is surgery of the eyelid intended to change its shape or appearance. Blepharoplasty can be done for many reasons, but the most commonly requested relate to changes in appearance of the eyes related to aging.

Why Blepharoplasty Might Be Right for You

Blepharoplasty is most commonly used to address the effects of aging on the eyelids. Some of the most common reasons why people request blepharoplasty include:

  • Droopy, puffy eyelids
  • A tired appearance
  • Sagging skin that bunches on the eyelids
  • Bags under the eyes

Blepharoplasty can be used to address congenital appearance of the eyelids that a person finds unattractive, which can be malformities or ethnic traits.

How the Blepharoplasty Procedure Is Performed

In a blepharoplasty, we will remove excess skin from your upper or lower eyelid (or both). The incisions for a blepharoplasty are typically made in the natural creases of the upper eyelid, making them very hard to see. Incisions in the lower eyelid are made near the eyelash line, which similarly conceals them.

Excess fat will be removed from the upper eyelids. Fat from the lower eyelids may be removed or repositioned if you have hollows under your eyes that contribute to the appearance of dark circles or bags under the eyes. In addition to just moving fat from the eyelids, we can use dermal fillers or additional fat taken from a donor region to improve the appearance of the under-eye region.

If you don’t need any skin removed from your lower eyelids, we can even make the incisions on the inside of the eyelids.

In addition to removing skin, the muscles and other supporting tissues of the eyelids will sometimes be tightened or reshaped.

Tiny stitches are used to close the incisions.

If you think blepharoplasty in Denver might be right for you and want to learn more about the procedure, please contact the Fante Eye & Face Center in Denver

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