Are you Getting Botox for the First Time? Here’s What to Expect!

Botox cosmetic has been a popular beauty treatment for many years. Each year, we meet people who are ready to try this injectable out for the first time. Since its introduction, Botox has expanded in use from treating frown lines to raising eyebrows in all the right ways. Not only can this injectable raise drooping eyebrows, but it can also smooth forehead lines and crow’s feet. Additionally, Botox can also be used to prevent new wrinkles from forming too soon. No wonder it continues to draw new customers! Here, we walk you through what you can expect at your first Botox appointment.


When you schedule an appointment for Botox, you may have a good idea already of what this FDA-approved drug can do. Many people come to their consultation thinking they know what they will need. However, it remains important for us to get to know you. An experienced provider performs a full assessment that includes a discussion about concerns and goals. The assessment also involves a look at the skin and underlying tissue. This initial step is crucial to the best possible outcome because it guides our treatment-planning process.


Botox treatment can occur immediately following our consultation. This part of the appointment takes the least amount of time. There is no need for anesthetic. Botox is administered with a very small needle. You can expect a tiny pinching sensation but that’s about it. You don’t feel Botox “working” on the tissue into which it is introduced. After a few injections across the treatment area, your appointment is complete!


Some people experience a little swelling and redness after getting Botox. This is a side effect of the injections themselves, not of Botox. Being new to Botox, you may want to schedule your injections at a time when you can go home and rest for the remainder of the day. This way you can see how your body reacts to the injections. Some people experience a slight headache that lasts a few hours, or feel a little tired. However, the most common side effects are swelling and pinpoint redness that lasts only an hour or two. To keep these side effects to a minimum, you should avoid excessive heat, sun exposure, and strenuous exercise for about 24 hours.


Botox injections do not achieve immediate results. The mild neuromodulator gradually relaxes contracted muscles over 5 to 10 days. These effects last 3 to 6 months. The average time between touch-ups is 4 months.

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