Are You a Candidate for Upper Eyelid Surgery?

In the past, cosmetic surgery was something reserved for the very wealthy and Hollywood stars, but in recent years, more and more “everyday” women and men have been seeking out cosmetic surgery procedures to correct minor and major flaws they find with their bodies. Also, cosmetic surgery is not always sought out for aesthetic reasons; often times, there are medical reasons that will prompt people to seek out a cosmetic surgeon.

Any surgery, whether elective or necessary, is a big deal, so a number of factors must be taken into consideration before undergoing any type of plastic surgery. If you are considering upper eyelid surgery (medically known as “blepharoplasty”), you have to first find out if you’re a good candidate for the surgery. If you meet the criteria for upper eyelid surgery, you want the best cosmetic surgeon in your area to perform the surgery, and in Denver and surrounding areas, Dr. Robert G. Fante at the Fante Eye & Face Centre is a top choice and one of the most highly respected surgeons in the highly specialized field of cosmetic surgery. Let’s take a look at what makes someone a good candidate for upper eyelid surgery.

If you have too much fullness, or loose skin, or a feeling of heaviness above your eyes, you are probably a good candidate. If your eyebrow or eyelid position is asymmetric, you are probably a good candidate as well. If you’ve had LASIK or other refractive surgery and no longer need glasses but can now see the aging around your eyes, you are probably a good candidate. If you have realistic expectations of the surgery and understand how the surgery will change your appearance, you may be a good candidate. If your reasons for having the surgery are not valid and realistic, or if the surgery will not improve the problems you’re experiencing, you may not be a good candidate. For instance, blepharoplasty will not correct dark circles under the eyes, crow’s feet or the fine lines around the eyes that are a natural part of the aging process. However, if you have drooping eyelids or an excessive amount of skin around the eyes, upper eyelid surgery may be the ideal solution for these issues.

If you’re unable or unwilling to commit the time necessary to fully recover from the surgery, you will not make a good candidate for the surgery. If upper eyelid surgery will improve or correct vision problems you’re experiencing, you may be deemed a good candidate for blepharoplasty covered by health insurance.

The first step to finding out if you’re a good candidate for upper eyelid surgery is to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Fante at the Fante Eye & Face Centre. We will take a complete medical history and perform a thorough medical examination; after that is done, Dr. Fante will be able to tell you if blepharoplasty is right for you.

To learn more about upper eyelid surgery or to schedule your consultation, please contact the Fante Eye & Face Centre today. We will get you scheduled as soon as possible, and we’ll be happy to answer questions you have before coming into our medical office.

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