Surgery Myths and Realities

There’s an old saying, Fools rush in where angels fear to tread. It’s relevant when it comes to cosmetic surgery. Here are some popular myths and their matching realities.

  • A surgeon is a surgeon is a surgeon. They can all do plastic surgery. No, there are many kinds of surgeons, many specialties. Plastic surgeons should have special training in the area that concerns you.And further, not all plastic surgeons possess the same skills. When you interview cosmetic surgeons, you can ask whether they have the training, experience, and certified skill to do the procedure(s) you want.
  • Choose a plastic surgeon who’ll charge less than the others. No. There’s another relevant saying here: You get what you pay for. Safe surgery comes with a cost, for the surgeon first of all, and therefore for the patient too. The surgeon must devote enormous time to extensive training, buy expensive surgery equipment and supplies, arrange for salaries for experienced anesthesiologists and other staff, and use top quality materials. You’ll surely want the best in all these things.
  • A good cosmetic surgeon will leave no scars. All surgery leaves a scar. Incisions must heal, and that means a scar. It’s true that a good cosmetic surgeon will locate the incisions in discreet or hidden places whenever possible, and make them as small as the procedure will allow. Remember too, that we all heal differently. Some of us scar more than others. In case of an over-large scar, there are often follow-up procedures that can improve it.

There are common myths about each specific type of plastic surgery. Your best bet will be to doubt everything you’ve heard so far, and start on your own research.

Especially forget everything you might have seen on TV about plastic surgery. A TV show made for entertainment and titillation bears little relation to the reality of cosmetic surgery.

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